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  1. Hello, Would it be possible to remove the tournament/beta worlds (world that give you 99 everything) from eligible worlds for scripts that implement world hopping/switching capabilities? This causes the scripts to stop working when switching to these worlds. Thank you!
  2. Understandable, appreciate the response.
  3. Would there be a way for it to not equip the ring of dueling so I can equip a better ring?
  4. Fishing trout/salmon at Barbarian Village - just continuously clicks the fishing spot rather than going AFK while it fishes, kind of weird.
  5. Hello, thank you for releasing this =) I am having difficulty auto-casting Slayer Dart. The script just stands on a mound and attempts to change the auto-cast for Slayer Staff to Slayer Dart but never accomplishes it. Edit: I am using Trident of the Seas now and no longer have the above issue.
  6. Unfortunately, daxWebwalker keeps failing to load and it isn't able to bank with the Tribot webwalker =/ I'll post on the webwalker thread and see if he can fix it I suppose!
  7. Does this currently work? A few of the scripts I typically use (CombatAIO, Elite Woodcutter, even your DaxCombat) appear to use this web walker for banking, etc. Example error below: https://gyazo.com/234b95b00ee57e36f193ba0cb079f567 When it 'sometimes' works - it takes extremely odd routes for banking. Example: it ran from edgeville chaos druids -> grand exchange -> spirit tree to tree gnome stronghold -> ran up grand tree -> flew glider to alkharid -> ran to lumby castle -> banked in basement. ??? Am I doing something wrong because it just doesn't look like its working for any scripts.
  8. Thank you! =) Now when it goes to bank for chaos druids, it uses glory to Draynor village and then runs to Lumbridge castle bank chest and then just stands there? Kind of odd, I'll try without glory and see if that works. Edit: Wow...without glory: From Edgeville dungeon, ran to grand exchange, took spirit tree to tree gnome village, ran up grand tree, took glider to al kharid, ran to lumbridge castle, went downstairs to bank, started walking back to al-kharid....at this point I just stopped the script because i couldn't take it anymore.
  9. Hello, I am using this for Chaos Druid below Edge. I am not able to get the script to bank at all, when the inventory is full it just stands there until it logs out. Settings: Food: Monkfish Amount = 1 Radius = 8 Loot Above 800gp Loot in combat No items to retrieve from bank I have a charged glory equipped (I assume it is supposed to use this?) Picture:
  10. Hi, what do I put in the 'Amount' section on the general tab and how does that differ from the Banking settings?
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