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  1. Kind of defeats the purpose tho, eh? Unless I could have it auto trade the mule, and the mule uses the Seer to deposit to bank. I don't know.
  2. Yeah, but its not a safe zone, and none of the fishing bots have anti death. Was just wondering if anyone else had figured out how to bot efficiently in DMM.
  3. Trying to fish, but there's no good fishing spots in safe areas.
  4. For anyone botting on DMM, how are you evading pkers? I can't seem to find any script that actually runs away from being attacked. They all just stand there and die. Any ideas?
  5. It may be the TriBot client too, because I tried to stop the script and then close the client and it wouldn't do anything, so I had to use task manager. Let me try again and report back.
  6. Hey, is there a reason why the wine making is so slow? It does 1 task (opening bank, withdrawing grapes, etc, etc.) and then waits 30 seconds before doing the next task. It's only managed to do 2 inventories of wine in 5 minutes so far. Thanks in advance!
  7. So, having some issues here. Got some services, and was told it was done. I logged into my account and 1 part of the service wasn't done. I let Millenium know and he said he would take care of it and said it would be finished up within an hour. 2 hours later and no word. He's got offline without a word. I checked my highscores to see the progress made within the 2 hours I was waiting, and there was nothing. Service wasn't even started.
  8. I did service first and was promptly paid the agreed amount from Spikoli. I trust him.
  9. What are you needing exactly? I have free time this weekend?
  10. I'm using the waterbirth rock crab for combat. There's almost always no one there, and even without the bot its AFK-able. The bot basically loots arrows if im ranging and resets the aggro.
  11. Damn. What skills are relatively safe to bot?
  12. Even though it was like an hour?
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