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  1. The script keeps getting stuck at "Filling coal bag" it just has bank open and the bot does nothing, just stands there waiting with bank open trying to fill the coal bag and sometimes it spams the deposit all button after it deposits the bars
  2. Script is very laggy at zeah master farmers, getting freeze spikes every second, fps is fine, but still getting the spikes
  3. Thank you bro, everything seems fine right now, havent gotten stcuk a single time! Thank you once again, all your scripts are literally insanely good! =D
  4. Okay im trying it right now, thanks, it might solve the problem i feel, it only happens when the glory/wealth is empty and is in a certain spot in the inventory, so should i have everything disabled or enabled, i got confused when you edited ur message haha
  5. I dont really know how to do that, but yes i do use looking glass, it has issues to click on the empty Amulet of glory/Ring of wealth when its in certain spots in the inventory mostly when the Glory/Ring is in the second row of the inventory when its about to deposit it for restocking Does a picture work ? i mean its just standing there while hovering the empty glory/ring of wealth, mouse pointer not moving or anything, its literally like a picture haha Another problem i have while trying the Ring of duelling at clan wars instead, and sometimes before it enters the portal to regain hp then it would instead run back to bank and then deposit amulet of burning and then withdrawing it again and then runs to the portal and before it enters it will run to bank again and repeats the process, it would happen sometimes only, other than that the script is great as always but i would really want to resolve the empty Amulet of glory/Ring of wealth problem, im willing to give whatever information you demand
  6. Im having a problem where its restocking and the amulet of glory is out of charges then it unequip it and tries to deposit it but it instead just hovers over the amulet of glory without clicking while in the inventory
  7. Can you fix the door blocking the masterr farmer in east zeah, the bot just stands there doing nothing until i manually close the door
  8. You should download the new Tribot loader, its basically an install that has everything thats needed in it.
  9. So, this Osbuddy problem where tribot hooks successfully but you cant press or type anything, its kinda freezing. When is this going to be fixed, its been not working for almost a month soon, does it take that long to fix? i have alot of problems botting on runelite and its making me lose alot both in real life money and runescape money, I bought vip extended, but can barely bot without a problem so its wasting my money, osbuddy was perfect.
  10. miggo13

    Osbuddy client

    They usualy fix their bugs in a matter of hours, they are very fast, but now on this specific problem its takes way too long, about 1-2 weeks
  11. miggo13

    Osbuddy client

    Sooo, whats going on, OSbuddy has not been working for weeks, is it even going to get fixed? Runelite sucks to bot on it feels like
  12. miggo13

    Tribot freeze

    So, i have had this issue for like a year now, and it drives me crazy, everything works when tribot is focused, but as fast i minimize the tribot client and do something else on the PC, thats when it always freezes, Sometimes 1 client can survive and all others freeze and i have to reload the clients, I use Looking glass, I have tried puting heap size at the reocmmended size, 256 for each client, still doesent work, and it also happens on any script? Sorry for not giving specific information, but if someone has a solution or want to help me, i would be more than happy! If u need more information just comment here,
  13. DId u find the problem? I have same problem
  14. miggo13


    @tonolife666 So what i usualy do, is i learned to not bot on nights and only bot during the day, from 10:00 to 00:00 or maybe to 01:00, and u should use a good script with abc2 and with breaks, i usualy take 1 hour break every 2 hours of botting. U just need to do it as safely as possible and also its trial and error as @filthyfrank said, but these are the tips i can give you, i bet everyone has their own way, but this is my way and my accounts last for over 4-7 months maybe more and whenever an account gets banned i just make a new one. I use aMiner v2 script, i get lvl 99 mining on all my accounts. But these are my tips, take whatever u like from it
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