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  1. My bots now randomly click on "note" or the search-button, when withdrawing from bank. This messes up my bots, because im fletching and when it withdraws the knife as a note it says the item is not there and the script ends...
  2. Are you Buying or Selling Bonds? buying How many Bonds are you Buying/Selling? 1 How are you sending/receiving Payment? rs07 gold Have you added me on skype? yes
  3. I know u CAN, but i want to know if i i make several accounts and then all validate them with the same email-adress, that they can be chain banned.
  4. When making new accounts, do u have to make an existing emailadress for each one. Or can u sign up with fake email-adresses and later on register all accounts with one email-adress ? or can the accounts then be chain-banned because they are all validated on the same email-adress ?
  5. I had a 2-day ban on a bot, and i just kept botting afterwards. It got a permanent ban after one month.
  6. yes they are, i got em from here: http://proxyblaze.com/pp.html
  7. oh crap, my proxies are from ProxyBlaze
  8. Is still strange, i bought a 10 pack of proxies, and i made 3 accounts on the first 3 ip's and i botted them since the first day they were made. Now one month later i made 5 new accounts on the next 5 ip's and all of them were instantly banned ?
  9. Lately every account i make ( the last 20 accounts) are getting banned instantly. They were all made on different proxies and i did all tutorials manually on them and i didnt bot on them. All of them got banned within a day. I dont think the ip's are flagged, well not all of them, since i made two accounts before on ip's with the same subnet and they have been going for almost a month now... What am i doing wrong ?
  10. U should better buy bonds with that 5mil. U have ALOT more ways to make money as a member.
  11. bej1andonly

    Ip question

    If u are going to bot again on that ip, then i would use a proxy. I dont know if osbuddy supports a proxy tho, u should check Rsbuddy forums.
  12. Are you Buying or Selling Bonds? buying How many Bonds are you Buying/Selling? 5 How are you sending/receiving Payment? rs 07 gold Have you added me on skype? yes
  13. Could u add A Knights Sword please ? Done Waterfall Quest on 5 accounts so far, all done in 30-45mins, awesome script
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