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  1. the "lost support" for this script makes me not confident to use this script if I were you haha. I bot long hours on every past script I used, and I do not think that botting 9 hours would be a problem! Oh wells, I started a new account and made sure I am not keeping my wealth on the bot, and that I am staying away from this script.
  2. I was booting at seers village, and started with 75 agility. was my first time using this bot, and only used this for 9 hours. The script did not end, and I believe all the marks of grace were collected during the whole botting process. I logged out on tribot as I had to disconnect the laptop for school use. When I attempted to re-run this script the next day, I logged into tribot and then loaded the script up. However, after 10-15seconds of being logged in and after the script was loaded, i suddenly Dced. The next thing I know was my account being disabled. My account has successfully ach
  3. do not use. beast acc with 55m banned after the use of this script.. had no problems with other scripts.. have been botting for 2months +..
  4. this is because i don't want hp exp. i assume killing automated warrior would gain me hp exp while strength as well?
  5. Please can someone create a script that will do this for tokens? The minigame uses your run energy so you will have to wait ~20 seconds between throws. All the script has to do is click the shotput, then select the text onscreen for throwing style, then wait 20secs and repeat.
  6. keeps hopping me to w335 every time when i run the script for a long time. why?
  7. hey, would you be able to add in barbarian fishing? at Otto's? I am desperate for it, and wouldnt want to pay $8USD+ for a premium script just to do barbarian fishing. Please add it in!! Thank you so much love the script so far!
  8. ran another 10 hours without stopping lol, but i ran out of money :/ the tickets are in negative bcos i banked the tickets and withdrawn money and resumed the script, but script didnt run for some reason :/
  9. the script has been stopping due to this [23:38:48] java.lang.NullPointerException [23:38:48] at scripts.fisher.ftwRangeGuild.run(ftwRangeGuild.java:238) [23:38:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:722) my best prodgie was more than 8 hours! too bad stopped due to the above.
  10. i was also wondering how much squares does this script cover? because im somewhere in openspace running this script.. worrying that it might not detect the surrounding area that is not within the screen.
  11. Jumped through more than 1000 worlds and I've yet to collect a rare. I'm in a spot that is quest-only so it shouldn't be that bad... It's been on for days...
  12. it couldn't detect the drunken dwarf.. so i ended up dying..
  13. Really? I don't think so. I've been botting for the past 40 hours non-stop and I'm still going strong. Not much people on my world either, noone crashing my spot... I have no idea how you guys are getting banned? Perhaps it's because it's a new account?
  14. Fuck the new forums yo

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