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  1. Hey guys, I've set myself a challenge. I want to bot up an account from level 3 to max without getting banned. I know this is nearly impossible in todays runescape, jagex is fairly onto it. I think my best bet is custom scripts and Tribot's looking glass? As well as a couple other methods I have found to work well bot behaviour wise. Please let me know your opinions and recommendations
  2. Banned today, botting 5-6 hours a day with breaks and random days. Maybe not the script but detection in client.
  3. It really depends how lucky you are I guess, some people have a good run others like myself its not worth it.
  4. FIXED. My fault, I accidentally pressed Always Deny instead of Always Allow. To fix it I went to view -> firewall and deleted the row. Bloody amazing script working flawlessly. Thank you
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