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  1. Just wondering if there were free credits given to accounts at one point maybe as a loyalty reward?
  2. http://gyazo.com/b9f7d9d0c77e8a614159144d69abd503 are you going to fix this error? it's a premium script and you don't even care about it
  3. Not selling it here or advertising just wondering if you think there are people out there who'd buy an account like I have? forgot about it and logged into it today it's level 3 with 94 fishing and almost 95 what do you think i could price that at?
  4. Anyone have any idea how to get the latest version of the script if you pre-ordered the beta version not through the repository last year?
  5. Hello, how do I get the new up to date premium version of this script? pre-ordered it in beta haven't used in a while
  6. Haha looks like the antiban makes it look so human can we quickly speak on skype whilst I get premium? or how what phase is it in? is it beta price or full price and how do you know its me who purchased it is automatic?
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