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  1. requesting refund @Fluffee @TRiLeZ Purchased an auth for 5 credits, not functional
  2. I'm trying to load in the tribot client. It allows me to login and launch the tribot client Debug: [07:40:34] TRiBot Release 10.10_1 loaded. (1.8.0_102:/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_102.jdk/Contents/Home/jre) [07:40:37] Loading human mouse movement data. [07:40:38] Successfully loaded human mouse data When I press new Client I then get this message: The screen stays stuck black with (below) the only thing showing on my screen. "Downloading Jar nullnull" I think this is related to a firewall, when i try to load the OSRS official client it does not pop up, just says "There was an error loading the game configuration from the website. If you have a firewall check that this program is allowed access to the internet" But the game client isn't blocked by firewall, and I can load the game in my browser I AM ON Mac OSx, any help is appreciated
  3. ive started botting again 2 days ago, and have had four bots banned within two hours of starting my script. why can jagex still detect the client? @TRiLeZ
  4. ive been a member here since 2013 and youre saying i have to buy credits with rsgp at a ripoff rate of 1.2m/credit? thats ridiculous.
  5. whenever i try to buy credits with my debit card, it keeps telling me i cant because trilez software suspects fraudulent activity? im a bit confused
  6. I tried with Lobsters and Sharks at top of bank neither work, it just clicks randomly in the bank on random stuff, please fix \
  7. I bought this script for two accounts, one is my boxing staker and the other is for my 1 def/1prayer dds staker, I have a spot for my boxer getting 40k xp/h but I really would appreciate it if someone could tell me a solid spot to train 1 def/ 1 prayer stakers inb4 experements, Priest in peril gives me 11 prayer
  8. I bought wcombat and I can run that for 20+ hours on my boxer with no problem, I bought this script for my 1 def/1 pray staker, He gets 40k xp/h when the script runs, but for some reason I cant get past a 5 hour proggy on this account, I am extremely dissapointed with this script I do not reccomend anyone buying it until he works out the kinks in the script and gets it flawless or at least to the point where it can run for 10 hours plus no problem
  9. My account got stuck on both the Pheasant and the Evil twin random, so I am only getting 1-4 hour porgies
  10. nice script, have made over 300m using spread across 20 accounts, but I checked one vps and had 6 bans on that vps only, so please update with more anti-ban
  11. I have problems with this, I made a logic and started it last night, it successfully ran for 2 hours and banked, when it came back to the monster it just stood there and did not attack. i ended the script and started it again, it did not attack the monsters or move at all. So I closed the tribot cleint, and restarrted it and created a new logic. this logic should have worked, but it did not. can you please add m y skype @ arnoldswataniga and please help me resolve this issue?
  12. 12m 07 is over 35 dollars, rediculous, would buy if it was chepaer, maybe around 17 dollars or so
  13. alright, I'll run it again :32:57] Starting Old-school RuneScape® (http://oldschool62.runescape.com/j1)[17:33:33] Script Started: Texan's Pest Control.[17:33:42] Texan's Pest Control: Caught error: java.lang.NullPointerException[17:33:43] Texan's Pest Control: Caught error: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionetc.... It just keeps doing that final error over again the second after I fill out the gui and start it on the boat, it does it everytime, I have all the stats needed for void, and I have tried re-downloading a few times to no avail, please add my skype so you can help me plzz
  14. [13:58:47] Texan's Pest Control: Caught error: java.lang.NullPointerException wat do
  15. Add me on skype wussupwussup, I wanna buy your script my skype name is arnoldswataniga
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