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  1. do you think jamflex has clocked on?
  2. a reason for this maybe because you stayed on the same ip for all of the accounts used?
  3. well how did you bot it what script did you use and how long for, have you been banned before on that ip blagh blagh blagh. give some more info...
  4. https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp this is how
  5. everytime you hit the rapid heal pray, it will reset the rate at which you heal an HP... it takes 60 seconds to heal 1 hp to heal over time, say you flick rapid heal at 50 seconds. the timer will start counting from 0 again and you will still be 1 hp. basically the rapid heal stops hp regen if you flick it...
  6. under where it says 'prayers to use' check the box which says use rapid heal when 1 hp this keeps you at 1 hp on the very rare occation it goes up to 2 hp because it missed a click...
  7. This is my set up, https://gyazo.com/c7de3e06f004e43bd3796bd3b9225ca9 its been working perfectly for the past week or so, i've acheived a lot of levels, check sig for exp... Ensure you are wearing the gear you intend to use in the minigame...IE full DH etc. before you start the script. also just fill your invent with the first games worth of stuff, (overloads absorbs and rock cake) just helps eliminate anything that could go wrong...
  8. tried for ages to get this working all different variables... trying to stat scrip and all it says is that there must be balck field or a unrecognised input... help please.
  9. Great Script man, I have used it for quite some time, struggled at the start due to having low range and mage but the script is near flawless, sometimes cocks up but im sure thats just lag. Really great job. Thank You!
  10. still not safe to bot? i still have it blanked out
  11. used this bot overnight with breaks, on an account which is over 3500 days old, and ive received a 2 day ban this morning upon logging in, not recommended. please quote reply
  12. Is this bot still being updated? it keeps spam clicking veins on the 1-30 part for me, trying to mine iron and it constantly says, you swing your pick at the rock. please quote reply.
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