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  1. Before I used to put my external jar dependencies in a folder called "thirdparty" and run my scripts off of that, but things seem to have changed in TRiBot 12. What's the proper procedure for class dependencies now?
  2. This worked perfectly and is a great solution. Why could I not find this information anywhere? I was pulling my hair out for the past couple of days to figure out how to make it work.
  3. @johnyboyyy Did you ever solve this problem? I'm having the same issue.
  4. @cybertruth Any way to get your script running if it depends on an external .jar file or .class files? When tribot client launches after login, it deletes all those files. EDIT: Figured it out. You need to put the .jar files of your external dependencies in a new directory ".tribot/thirdparty" so they can be loaded along with the other tribot dependencies. Maybe you should add this to the original post.
  5. Yeah you guys broke class loading for me. Specifically if I try to put the class files my script depends on in the ".tribot\bin" directory, they just get deleted as the main client launches. If I try to put them anywhere else, they don't get deleted but they are never found there either. Before I had my script files in ".tribot\dependancies\classes\scripts" and my script dependencies in ".tribot\dependancies" and everything worked fine. Also now I can't even go back to the "old way" where I could manually copy-paste in my dependencies into ".tribot\bin" after the client loads. In that cas
  6. What does that mean? What directories do I put the various parts of my script in now?
  7. Before, I could just have my script's dependency be this But now for some reason that file doesn't appear in that location anymore (the whole developer folder is gone) so I need to set the dependency to whatever the most recent TRiBot jar file is. And that means changing it and recompiling all my scripts every time there's a TRiBot update which is a huge pain in the ass. Also before I used to be able to output my scripts to this directory But now when I do that, I can never get into the main client. I can press "Login" on the launcher app, but it never enters the main clie
  8. Did you guys make it impossible to connect to your script via a socket? That part of my script is broken ever since updating to TRiBot 11.
  9. Oh nice, you guys even made it easier to add external dependencies. This makes my life super easy!
  10. If I compile a local script, then run TRiBot 11, it just hangs forever and TRiBot never starts. If I start TRiBot with an empty bin, and then compile the script, it never refreshes the scripts so I can never run it. Is this a common issue?
  11. I'm not talking about that one-time issue in the early stage of an account where it can be insta-banned before really doing anything in-game. Of course that's an important consideration but not within the scope of responsibility of the script. I'm talking about the what a script should be doing in order to ensure the longevity of an account.
  12. The script you're using is probably just badly written, or commonly used, or both. I've had 2 accounts running for 12+ hours per day for 3 weeks each botting the same exact thing. No breaks, not switching skills, nothing. No bans at all. This was a private script I developed myself and I focused a lot on humanizing all my actions. Script quality is going to get better going from free scripts to premium ones. Going from free/premium to private scripts is going to be very expensive, but you have exclusivity which is another big factor. Quality of private scripts can be hit or miss though. I alwa
  13. Thought you typed "looking for anus 07 gold seller", guess I'm in the wrong thread then.
  14. I just sneak into peoples' houses and plug ethernet cables into their routers when they're not home to get my IP addresses.
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