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    Programmer and Mechatronics student at my University. Going to graduate school soon for computer science/robotics. I enjoy wrestling, swimming, football and working out.

    I'm very social but I always hustle hard before I play.

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  1. Please post concerns, errors, feedback, or other issues. I will address them as soon as possible.
  2. asxDropMaster FREE Version - 1.0 Performs random horizontal/vertical fast mousekey auto-drop routine upon full inventory. Script can be left running in the background during user game play. Notes: Ends upon logout. Idles using 1 second recurring sleep cycle. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1327-asxdropmaster/
  3. Honestly, it looks like something anyone could just make using paint or MS PowerPoint. Does it generally take a lot to make these? If not, I wouldn't mind helping you.
  4. Inventory.getAll().length > 0 A brute force way to check if anything is even in your inventory. Use that to decide when you want to bank? I don't really understand the requirements or even what you're trying to accomplish.
  5. Not much and bad. It was only a month... lol
  6. No need to apologize. I think the majority of us wanted to help out by reminding you of the resources this community offers. Starting a sub community from this one is non-sense. However, teaming up with others that have similar interests is smart and effective. There's no harm in that. Glad that you found what you were looking for.
  7. Why not start a thread for your specific botting interests and ambitions?... A bunch of others have done that very thing. It's nearly the same as a clan chat. I personally don't see the point in using another resource to communicate this stuff when this forum/community seems to offer more then enough to meet the needs that you and so many others have described
  8. Doesn't sound like more mules would have helped you lol
  9. Holy crap. That's sucks bad. Would more miles have helped? Or do you think trading large amounts could've been it? Congrats on the irl profit
  10. Which ever one is least conspicuous. It's probably best for you to go with the least popular of the choices to mitigate your chances of being banned
  11. Yes, this seems to be the most popular way. Will try it out thanks
  12. As the title suggests, does anyone mind offering advice? I frequently use gitHub for code referencing, downloads, open source, etc. but have never shared to a community before. I have a lot of shit that I will be sharing with you guys. :-) Thanks
  13. Just because its OS doesn't mean they still have some perm ban = 10,000 setup... Maybe that was the case back then. doubt it now
  14. Try green dragon bots? Once I get more time (in a few weeks) I will be making many different combat bots to share with everyone. Currently, I've noticed a lot of the ones out have high ban rates.
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