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  1. Add green dragonhide, please! Or blue! Or both
  2. My sentiments exactly. Thank you for all the work you've done so far, though, Bradsta.
  3. Aye, I'm having trouble with the appendages too. Worked fine the day before yesterday. EDIT: If left unmonitored (I operated the appendage twice myself, too). [11:13:01] Moose's essence miner: Ran for 06:49:06[11:13:01] Moose's essence miner: Mined 1707 essences
  4. Why is it necessary to run in Lite mode? It seems that a lot of scripts mandate that. In fact, I've never turned off lite mode since I started using Tribot. EDIT: The download link on the front page still advertises v0.171, despite being updated to v0.18. May want to add that version to the older scripts section, if you desire.
  5. Ahh, that would be fantastic! I may have an account I can lend you. Please, PM me with some details.
  6. Yeah, I thought it was strange as well Warfront. I did 46-61 no probs! My combat level was 57 when I passed away, wish I could tell you from where. I'm sure I was just incredibly unlucky that day, but I appreciate the updates!!! EDIT: In regards to potential death, I noticed (before the update) that a broodoo villager was able to attack me while I was walking south past the tree zone area. It was with a spell and it said "You feel very weakened!" I logged off and hopped as this happened both times I passed by the spot. Perhaps, (if these type of long range spells can poison) that is how I died.
  7. Was having a bad feeling last night, after these few errors. Woke up dead in the morning and lost all my ess despite using the safe route.
  8. Script works great! Has gotten me up to 60 runecrafting, however, I have a couple suggestions. 1) Correct for when it accidentally climbs up the ladder in general store. Login bot had me logged in and out there for hours. 2) Sometimes, when taking the safe route, it clicks to far into the water. This causes the player to run towards brimhaven. Lastly, anything that increases speed would be great (click altar when it's seen, make runes immediately upon entering, hit the portal right after making runes, etc.)
  9. Keep getting owned by the sandwich lady. Also had a problem with the Evil Twin random. Also got owned by Miles. Don't know if that's TriBot's fault or the script... but I had no problem picking flax for 11 hours. I've already had 3 script-stops in the past 4 hours using this script. Other than that, the script works great. Does what it says it does. Just be warned that you may end up in a random place with your stuff noted if you leave it alone too long. EDIT: Also, the bot has flax and bowstring valued at 100 ea and 200 ea, respectively. Those values should be decreased to around 50 ea and 140 ea. Or 45 ea and 130 ea if you want to be conservative.
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