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  1. If you have issues use this thread to report them and get them fixed. He literally can't test this script all by himself and there's a reason its $1 currently. I've personally got 70+ range so far with this script.
  2. Working great now cannon wise. One more thing I've noticed. When set to a safe spot, client attacks monsters outside of set radius so player ends up running out of safe spot to attack monsters too far away.
  3. Oh I just realised it thinks it's out of ammo. There's definitely ammo and the cannon needed repairing ( I ran the script again to get it to do it again)
  4. Hey Netami, Script sits idle until account logs out, doesn't seem to recognize cannon needs to be repaired. have attached logs for info.
  5. Hi Netami, Couple of issues, when using cannon only (safe spotting) bot cannot "repair cannon" (click cannon to repair) which in turn causes bot to discontinue using it, which in turn causes client to log out due to no action. Also can't seem to pre load a set up script as won't let me click start. It otherwise seems to work flawlessly.
  6. Also ensure the tribot loader has fully loaded as mine constantly part loads and scripts play up.
  7. Can't speak for anyone else but I have previously used this script to get 1-94 mage and the account still alive. bot safely and keep to a routine. bot somewhere with low volume traffic. it has been playing up since the new update however
  8. I too am having issues now. Sometimes when buying games it will right click to buy game but once in the text box it will randomly click on the screen, sometimes on the grass others on a tree and then keep doing a loop like that back and forth. it seems to be worse on custom mode (rumble normal) it does what i mentioned above but then seems to almost be sleeping and wont respond or do what the text in the status says it should be doing.
  9. Hey Mute When using script at west sand crabs, once the crabs become non agro it runs to bank to re-agro which is not far enough and keeps doing a loop. have used this script alot and is 99.99% perfect
  10. hey mate, really need to have a look at the curse/enfeeble/stun etc side of things. I get more xp alching then I do stun alching as it is slow doing the stun part and often fucks up
  11. I've run a few accounts on other well known scripts and they got banned pretty quick, but ive been using this script at sand crabs with looking glass and not ban yet. It works flawlessly.
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