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  1. Yes I am running on Mac! Please tell me there’s a fix
  2. I'm having the same problems! OsBuddy runs fine, tribot runs fine, then when it hooks via looking glass i can't click or type anything on either window like a user input block is on. Tried running delete cache like above to no avail... Anyone else got it to work yet? If so how did you? Thanks
  3. Any way to minimize / hide the paint ?
  4. Any tips for running this script at MLM. I’ve never been there manually so don’t really know what I need or need to be doing etc. Any input would be helpful Cheers
  5. How’s this script running currently? Want to do 78-85 ish over the next few weeks also agree that LG doesn’t do anything. The only ban I’ve had came from LG
  6. Do you know how or why it’s getting stuck? I’m trying to bot a main to max just being sensible. So I’m always babysitting it whilst playing Xbox etc so I’ll keep an eye on it getting stuck. were you using LG or normal client?
  7. Is this script working currently? And does it support telling to seers bank or does it run there? Thanks
  8. Just to say this script has been brilliant! 45-80 RC at ZMI. 30k/hr running 6-8 hours a day with breaks! Highly recommend! Any plans for a blood rune extension?
  9. I'm having the same problem, worked perfectly with small med and large at ZMI. Now i've hit 75 it just gets stuck after it crafts first inventory
  10. @warfront1 any idea to get xp/hr up? I’m doing ZMI @ level 60. Should be getting 30-35k but script gets 24k/hr maximum.. TIA
  11. Running the bot at ZMI, really nice, no problems at all. is there a way to ‘bank all’ in one click rather than right click bank all? cheers ** sorted it. Just have to manually have your bank on All **
  12. Anyone getting good results for red chins inside the dungeon? Can anyone help me with a good box layout as im only getting 60kxp/hr TIA
  13. Love this script! Something i'd like added though is when unnoting wines could you close the curtain behind you before you run to the shop? That way they can't walk out and don't have to waste time luring again?
  14. I did the same on my 1950 total main at blast furnace, 37 hours! No ban a month on. Unless you get caught with your account trying to do th same thing and failing hours on end, or get reported ingame the ban rates are so low
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