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  1. Not all of them are from the repository, was just wondering where my old .class scripts went to. Aah ok, would I have created another folder for private scripts? Thanks for both replies
  2. Was about to purchase VIP when I thought I'd check to see which scripts I still own upon opening Tribot and pressing 'Run Scripts' I saw I had all my original scripts still downloaded and was able to run them, but when I went to | File - View Local Scripts Folder | it shows no scripts at all, is it opening the wrong scripts folder? Made a short video to show the issue I'm having
  3. Depends if you're botting money making methods on freshly made accounts you can see them banned within 24 hours, if you're botting and playing legitimate on the same account (questing, skilling, pve) your accounts last a lot longer and may not even see a ban depending how long you bot. I've been botting on the same ip since forever and I've never experienced anything related to "ip bans" I still have accounts that are idle from botting 2-4 hours a day on that aren't banned. Bot sensibly and you won't get banned, bot straight up for money making on lvl 3s you'll get banned.
  4. I would also be interested in this if anybody knows of any sites, the sites I found are bots for RSC Private Servers.
  5. I haven't been touched in the last month on weekends, so was curious to see if it was happening on a wide scale.
  6. My accounts aren't lasting 24 hours anymore, can understand getting banned on the weekdays but I'm getting bans on saturdays/sundays now, anyone else?
  7. Made my method a lot easier with less interaction. Accounts needed to hold a lot of gp to run for a long time. Laziness or not wanting to interact with my bots as much as possible. Oh man I know it's my fault. Sure the "it's over lads" is a bit much, it's more just a fun title. I wanted to bring awareness that accounts ARE getting banned on weekends now, sure it might not be news to you or you may not have been banned yet, but it CAN and WILL happen now. Oh more bots are coming, I plan on botting at specific times instead of going for 60 hour proggies
  8. God damn it, just got hit for 400mil in one weekend on all my goldfarming accounts. gf
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