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  1. Hello, Anyway you could add lava runes support as it can get upto 70k xp per hour it costs money to do this method but a fastway to get to double nats.
  2. Hey sorry about that i was going to add more info and i realized my proxy on my vpn was on i changed some settings and then it ran fine. So it was operator error on my end thank you for the script!
  3. @Usa So i started using this script when it was a one time purchase before the repository was really out it and was fantastic. but as of now it struggle to push through the 30 minute trial. maybe i am in the wrong here? issues- 1. avoiding players if the box is blank it will start hopping worlds none stop instantly almost. Or if you write something in there once it encounters said item it will get stuck in the world hopping loop. 2. food situation. i have it setup for sharks took me a little while to figure out the settings for how many too eat at first it would eat a whole inventory. 3. also the settings in the box that says ess runes pots, etc need to be explained and elaborated a bit more on as im not 100% what purpose they serve here. aside from that its faster than the other abbyss script that i wont name the other one just dies a lot with no death walk.
  4. longest i managed to run script is 3 hours max it seems to fail usualy by stating [21:41:54] Disabled all randoms. [21:43:26] Enabled all randoms.
  5. sold it for 1400 so i would say im good bro but thank you
  6. well for one i have 20b gp in stock and two no sites buy gp anymore rs3 gp is outfarmed. The blue phat was last sold for almost 3k cash so the market for rares is more realistic than rs3 gold.
  7. Hello Selling runescape 3 Green party hat honestly looking at about 1500 usd but make me an offer, i do not take paypal, Things like bitcoin are a bit more appropriate. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/aRcXu9F"><a href="//imgur.com/aRcXu9F"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> https://imgur.com/a/aRcXu9F
  8. Hello all. i have been playing this game since 2002 . I have quit many many times. and recently decided to play a bit of RS3 with the legacy mode and the older graphic layout the game is just like it was back in 2010 . REALLY good! so honestly i feel like back when they were releasing eoc they should have had legacy implemented right away and we would have a much better community, and there would have been no need for oldschool RS. I mean lets be honest oldschool RS just to play for fun is lame AF.
  9. IDK about old school RS but in RS2 black jacking at theives guild would yield 200k+ per hour and you could get 99 thieve on new acc within 3 days.
  10. Welcome, I think most of us are here from somewhere, i dont know what skill level you posses but if your into entry lvl scripting for rs check out the Simba SRL forums as well. Lots of stuff to learn there and apply here.
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