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  1. can I find a list of locations and banking methods anywhere? I want to cut teaks on ape atoll and use arceeus to get back.. does it support?
  2. everything works but it's just slow as hell between every action.... if you make an option to speed it up somehow i'll buy
  3. i checked yesterday again if it worked with lg.. no success... now my auth has expired, waste of money for me im afraid
  4. love this script... agilty pyramid would be good.. anyone know if there is a script for this
  5. is this able to mine at the shilo gem rocks and hop etc bank? is there a pre loaded setting?
  6. i'm a month using lg without being banneed bottign 10 hours a day. not using lg i get banned after a week.. no thanks
  7. [19:03:48] java.lang.NullPointerException [19:03:48] at scripts.chin_trapper.utils.hunt.a.a.k(NetTrap.java:355) [19:03:48] at scripts.api.t.k(MyTime.java:11) [19:03:48] at scripts.chin_trapper.utils.hunt.a.a.k(NetTrap.java:120) [19:03:48] at scripts.chin_trapper.utils.q.B(Manager.java:643) [19:03:48] at scripts.chin_trapper.DaxHunter.run(DaxHunter.java:233) [19:03:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [19:03:50] Script Ended: daxHunter [Premium]. runs for around 20 mins everytime and this happens.. using lg...
  8. unbelievably slow with lg, seems to sleep for 40 secs between actions... not using it without lg tbh, and not worth it using it while it's this slow... money lost for me edit: won't even hop worlds now either using lg.. just continues buying from the same world, or at least trying. i had this script work amazinly on the same settings same location last week, just no lg. got banned though
  9. hi can this bot use the ardy cloak to mine iron and bank somewhere fast... ie teles to anywhere... pref spellbook teles.. ty// if not can someone reccomend me one?
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