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  1. fuck the email noooooooooooooooo and i told him whats wrong with it he wanted me to prove that if other scripts are working
  2. i did all the trouble shooting problems and here i am back on this thread, i just want my bot working and nothing is working
  3. okay so this has been happening for two days now and i just want some answer i open the bot and try to run the script the gui lets me look at everything but i try to click start and doesn't start and then it freezes my tribot and i have to end the task please help me asap
  4. hey i'm sorry to bug you but I'm having trouble with the script so every time i load tribot and try to run the script the interface of the script freezes and i can't really click anything (especially the start button) can you please help me out thanks
  5. having issues with the bot, i tried to open script and run but the bot froze and i couldn't run it so i had to shut off the bot using my task manager but now its saying im currently running the script and my maximum amount of instance has surpassed please help me
  6. hey guys new to botting on the zulrah bot heard some rumours that its only safe to bot 4 hours without getting banned any recommendations or experience on how long you guys have botted on this particular bot without getting a 2 day ban
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