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  1. Hey, script seems pretty nice so far. I was just wondering if you have an plans to add fairy ring support? Edit: nevermind, i found the fairy ring method. awesome!
  2. Are you sure you have zoom locked to default? i have been running it for over 12 hours straight with no issues since the last update.
  3. Not sure about hourly but daily (16/18 hrs) i usually go through: 110 ppots, 160 barrows tele's, 1k addy arrows, 50 sharks at most? Not sure about rune cost since it comes out of rune from barrows anyway
  4. I was just about to post about the camera issues too, worked around it by zooming out an extra notch lol
  5. 1 account, never been banned. Back when osrs came out i used to bot master farmers on this acc, once the first few ban waves started happening i stopped using it and never really touched the acc again until i started barrows.
  6. So just wanna say. Not only have i made 600m+ from this... but i also got 80-90 Range, 90-99 hp, 80-99 mage going 12+ hours consistently. Not to shabby for exp from barrows? Paid for the last of my buyables on main too, Got my max cape today Probably the highest success from a script in the past few years on my end lol
  7. Stopped working for me too, tp's to barrows and idles by the hut with a spade in
  8. that's funny you say that mthomas, i was using charged cb brace when it happened too lol. guess that solves it ?
  9. that happened to me about a month ago, i watched it and it was heading to verac crypt from torag and ended off tp'ing out of barrows and running through swamp to get there. It looked like it was an issue with DaxWalker or whatever walker Netami is using. Not actually sure what fixed it for me, you tried deleting hooks lately?
  10. if you are using glory/combat brace make sure the one you have equipped has same charges as the one you used when setting up gear. duelling ring charge does not matter but anytime i have had that issue it was because of glory charges, easiest way is to just use one with no charges. Just thought i'd add to what netami said
  11. Never used LG for any account, Personally i think it's a waste of time
  12. been running my account 12-15 hours a day for 7000 chests, still no ban. seems like ban rate is really low, not sure though because this acc was botted to top 500 thieve lol jagex might just think i'm sweaty
  13. Amazing, just about to set up and give it a few test runs. I'll let you know if anything comes up
  14. Ohh perfect, look forward to getting an early look then haha. I knew i was using it a lot but didn't know it was that much
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