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  1. bot keeps random clicking on inventory and on mahogany planks. This bot is not good at the moment. mahogany table section of the script might be faulty.
  2. lol at your name, maybe you deserve it! that is a great idea! i should have thought about it! anyways, i should make this clear. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I am just sharing my experiences with the community!
  3. well sorry, i shouldn't have set an absolute. I would say getting mass reported would highly increase the chances of you getting banned.
  4. well one day ban, no perma Ban. i really botted hard but i remember i did accumulated 168 QP within less than 3 weeks time. also since it looks like is community driven, everybody should report everybody so player flagging of another player would become irrelevant at some point. so there should be a random add-on in the scripts where it lets you report for macroing other players who are having a conversation on the chatbox for example. so we know they are legit players, throwing jagex off course.
  5. Hello guys after being ban on my main i recently started botting 14 days ago, i got pretty far. got mass reported while doing thieving at ardy knights. it took me less than 10 seconds to react and take over the game but at that point everybody was pissed off i kept pickpocketing the knight when everybody was off to lure him back to the spot. of course everybody stood there and mass reported me even though i said "sorry guys i wasnt paying attention. the damage was done. 3 days later i get a 1 day moderate ban. I think i might be flagged. I am 100% sure all the paid scripts i have used are fantastic and got me so far. lets just be aware of RATS, I believe Jagex doesnt have a bulletproof system and you can go really far or even max out in this game as long as you are hanging around your house and doing work while the bot is working. i got from 0 QP to 168 QP and from like 30 levels to 1578 levels in the course of 13 days without 24 hour botting. I was doing agility last time (botting) before i got banned. I dont think it was the script either. Jagex is been saying "one report about your account" puts it on the radar to be reviewed. please take a time to understand this post from a JMOD. it looks like they gave us some hints about how their detection system works. is pretty much player based powered. also the nuke day they were talking about, makes much more sense on this post. he mentions about how it can detect accounts in different worlds, if they are doing the same thing, then they will trigger the system and the account will be pulled for review. i believe maybe why agility has such a high ban rate. please let me know your comments, do you think was the mass report from 20+ players that got me banned? No worries I am happy with the progress i have done. my account is pretty solid except i dont have a good RC level or Hunter level. but got agility and thieving out of the way so i am happy haha Jagex bans around 70,000 old school cheating accounts every week and around 140,000 cheating accounts in RS3 every week. Its nice to see that you want to help jagex by banning a few accounts - but those handfull of accounts (while satisfying you to see a few accounts banned) pales into significance when compared to the runescape bot detection system. The best thing to do is play the game and have fun and if you happen to see some bots or other players cheating just report that using the report button. That flags the account and that area to be investigated. You might find 4 or 5 bots but the detection system will find all bots in all worlds doing that same task and ban them all in one go. Yes it can be frustrating to see some bots in game and maybe even see the same bot week after week. But Jagex do ban them, it just takes time to investigate so when they press the ban button they ban the bots and not the regular non-cheating players. Trust the system, it is working so just report the bots when you see them, there is no need to go looking for them. Bot ban numbers source: Click the Support button on runescape main page and search "Player Support Stats" these stat reports are made weekly. https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/sections/202644985-Support-Stats
  6. i did the trial and left then came back and thinking the bot was working well I bought it. This is a horrible inefficient bot. has always been running like this? what was the top xp/hr on varrok rooftop?
  7. I have observed that every time the script turns the screen to look for another NPC the camera swings to unbelievable speeds!? like whoa! i guess if you keep doing that too many times jagex might give you the ban hammer. this speed cannot even be matched with my arrow keys on my keyboard when i am turning the screen. hopefully this is an issue someone can fix in the future? is it the client API or the actual script? any ideas anybody?
  8. is all glitchy. could you teach it to open the doors when they are closed???? [14:58:28] We can withdraw a potential 25 items for future tasks... [14:58:28] Added 6 future task items to be withdrawn [14:58:28] We have the required items in our inventory! [14:58:36] We can withdraw a potential 25 items for future tasks... [14:58:36] Added 6 future task items to be withdrawn [14:58:36] We have the required items in our inventory! [14:58:45] We can withdraw a potential 25 items for future tasks... [14:58:45] Added 6 future task items to be withdrawn [14:58:45] We have the required items in our inventory! [14:58:50] We can withdraw a potential 25 items for future tasks... [14:58:50] Added 6 future task items to be withdrawn [14:58:50] We have the required items in our inventory! [14:59:01] Thank you for running FC Quester v1.19 by Final Calibur [14:59:01] Script Ended: FC Questing [14 Quests]. [14:59:25] Script Started: FC Questing [14 Quests]. [14:59:25] Started FC Quester v1.19 by Final Calibur [14:59:33] [Prerequisites] Compiling pre-reqs for FC Prince Ali Rescue [14:59:33] reqItems before combining: 9 [14:59:33] reqItems after combining: 9 [14:59:33] CHECKING FOR ITEM REQUIREMENT [14:59:33] [Requirements] Found [] future quests with item requirements [14:59:33] [Requirements] Was able to add 0 future item requirements. Now we have 9 total requirements. [14:59:33] Going to check bank... [14:59:55] Falling back on TRiBot web walker [15:00:15] Going to check bank... [15:00:26] Going to check bank... [15:00:38] Going to check bank... [15:48:19] Thank you for running FC Quester v1.19 by Final Calibur [15:48:19] Script Ended: FC Questing [14 Quests].
  9. I dont buy their BS. it looks like they are full of it. what do you guys think? https://ibb.co/n6fVvd https://ibb.co/dNkKoy also why i cant attach images and i keep getting this message? There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance."
  10. Hello Jamie, I added you. thank you in advanced.
  11. i uploaded the screenshots to a random site. https://ibb.co/nBKNb7 https://ibb.co/k9dFw7 https://ibb.co/mozNb7 https://ibb.co/g3G2b7 https://ibb.co/hUvvw7 also i have doubts on this also another doubt i have is this "Navigate to the Modules tab and make sure your only module is selected." I selected TribotTutorial as my module every time. hopefully that is the module they are referring to.
  12. I been trying to set up for the first time using this guide below. after setting everything up to the letter and i go to crtl+i to implement method i get this error "No methods to implement have been found" can anybody tell me what am i doing wrong? the module i selected was TribotTutorial. also when i build artifacts i dont see it on the output folder i set earlier. can anybody help me out? thanks! I cant upload the screenshots i took of my settings. thy say to contact admin for assistance?
  13. WHY DONT YOU MAKE A VIDEO?????? probably would have taken less time to do than this tutorial....
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