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  1. yea its around 120-150k an hour for regular spellbook low level tabs ( if using friends house )
  2. Kraw

    Script dont start

    thank you very much
  3. good script, although it gets stuck at edgy bank window interface for 5 mins though please fix(reduces amount of tabs made per hour by 200-500), will copy paste the log next time it does again, have to baby sit because it gets stuck once an hour on one of my bots repeatedly
  4. hi druid, bought your script a year ago or more been using it and working great. about to start using it again and i see that february sale is unlimited auths. before i had only 6 auths, if i want unlimited auths do i have to purchase again for 9.90? thanks edit: just looked at purchase history and bought it january 2014 for 8.95
  5. Great service, does and explains everything really well. Opened up 6 tor ports for me flawlessly! Would recommend to everyone GG PROXIES!!! +1
  6. thanks will test in a few days and post proggy edit: not bad was averaging 1.8k tans per hour slower than other tanning bots here but a lot more human like than them. for some reason wasnt using my super energy pots. reccomend this script if you are suicide tanning very human-like. sorry forgot to snap a proggy
  7. Words smooth af, only thing i dont like is when it constantly stops few squares north east of tanner and stands for 10 seconds every time very bot like. other than that ty for smooth script! needed to tan 3k hides (got them with cowhidekiller so profit i put 400gp per hide) thank you!! p.s. forgot to stop script few minutes after it finished so time kept going.. was about 2.1-2.2k hides per hour with 850k profit for me per hour (because i got the hides myself)
  8. unable to start, i click start and sf tanner aditional options gui and it doesnt start
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