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  1. Although I haven't used this script(planning on buying it once my other premium scripts have expired), botting in 2021 isn't as bad as people think of it to be. Most of the bans you see on threads are from human error (botting straight out of tut/user name is :124jsdfsdfhsdkf/ botting 8 hours a day/ not switching up skills for weeks straight). I've never found myself blaming scripts for my bans. It's usually been something silly I've done on my end. But if you don't mind spending your hours fishing and you care about your account, then do it be hand. I've been botting my main for a couple mont
  2. You voiced my exact thoughts. I don't run this script for more than an hour at an instance for the exact reasons you listed. Mouse speed seems to shoot up randomly for me, especially after going off screen. I still haven't gotten a ban yet, as I bot very carefully with this script. Anti-ban is lacklustre compared to other premium scripts though, I found that @Naton's scripts are what scripts should aim for in terms of customisability. However, the script is very dynamic, banking works perfectly and like you said it gets the job done.
  3. Completely agree, variable mouse speed would make this script almost perfect, as well as keyboard camera movement. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement though, but nonetheless a fantastic script. Hey Optimus, The script is really good! Only thing I found that was weird, was that the mouse speed would change after each break(tribot built-in)? I would set it up to be pretty slow, and after the one session it would revert to being a lot faster, I assume the default mouse speed. I was wondering if this is normal, and if there's any way to make it stop doing that?
  4. I see, thanks! I'm using your built in break handler instead, and that's working flawlessly so I'll just use that. Really impressed with this script, with the mouse speed turned down and the reaction time turned up it looks like a human playing. Ty for making this script!
  5. Super stable, flawless script! For two dollars this script is really great value. One question though, when I use Tribot's break handler, it breaks once, then it continues playing without breaking again. I'm not sure if it's a client problem, but it usually breaks repeatedly.
  6. stanleylai1

    Elon Quester

    Hey Elon! Flawless script. Tysm for this, it's a REALLY good script. I've run Restless Ghost, Ernest the chicken, and Cook's assistant, and not a single bug appeared. Would buy it if it's premium, it's that good. Please don't make it cost >20 though
  7. If I buy unlimited instances, do I have to buy VIP to use this on multiple accounts? I'm new to tribot:) Please forgive me if I say something stupid.
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