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  1. Hey all, I've been thinking about starting a botfarm and i'm stuck with some questions i'd like some feedback on before starting. The current idea is to bot pretty 'safe', botting about 8 hours a day. with about 10-20 clients running. 1. Which is the best bot client to start a bot farm, why is tribot better than others? Automatisation is one of the things that is very important to me. 2. I want to make a lot of accounts to immediately replace the banned accounts and so I can age my new accounts a bit to reduce bans. But I thought you need to make the account on the proxy you will play on. So how would you solve this? As I don't want to buy 100 proxy's which I probably won't use right away. 3. Should I make legit emails (gmail, hotmail etc) to create my accounts & verify them or would this be a waste? 4. There are a lot of proxys around but a lot of them are already being used to bot on and might be flagged. Are there any good suppliers of proxy's that are not botted on? Or is this a kind of hit & miss? 5. when you buy a proxy you get it for a month, but when you get banned your ip might be flagged and that proxy becomes useless after let's say 5 days. How do you solve this? If you have any other tips or if there's some botfarm discord please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hey! I've been looking into a bot like this and i'm very interested. Do you still have some spots left or when do you plan on releasing? Thanks in advance
  3. How do you make the bot take potions from the barrel? and how do i specify what ones it should take?
  4. i can't seem to find this script into my folder. could you tell me what to do? thanks.
  5. if i understand correctly it is not yet possible to trade the slave every X minutes, but it is possible to trade the slave after the slave has reached X amount of stuff. Does this also work with notable items? for example runes
  6. is this getting an update? ( or are there trial versions of a day?) would like making sure this works before buying, since some users have problems.
  7. I would need someone to make me a very simple private script. pm me.
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