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  1. @erickho123 what's the ban rate for the script like mate? In the features it doesnt mention ABCL 10 is implented within it, does this script have the highest level of abcl 10 anti ban ?
  2. @Encoded does this script offer ABCL? I know it's a free script so that's why I'm asking.
  3. @Druid , for some reason when I set up custom thieving it doesn't work properly. I set the current tile because it makes me or the script wont start and then I press start and my character just runs back and fourth and doesn't even click the what I assigned it to thieve. Does custom thieve not work at the moment?
  4. Can you please fix script mate? Trying to steal from baker's stalls and my character runs back and fourth numerous times, does not even steal. Please update script.
  5. Ever since I started with Tribot my bot never has done Random events, why is that? All my bot does when botting is ignore the random event it doesn't even dismiss it. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I need to activate for it to do randoms?
  6. @xCode This script is simply amazing it does everything I want it to, but I only have one complaint about it. When I enter someones house everytime it clicks behind the alter, so my character ends up running behind the alter then the front of it every single time I enter the home. Can you fix? If so I'm purchasing (:
  7. @xCode Hello mate, thinking about buying a lifetime Auth for 18$, but I noticed you said there was a trail offer for this script. It appears to no longer be there, can you please add it again mate so I can test? If the scripts works wonderfully I'm fully prepared to buy the script A.S.A.P (:
  8. I just got unbanned recently, and I just got back in game today I started botting already lmfao. My question is has anybody been banned for 2 days, then came back and started botting right away and have been botting for awhile and still havent gotten banned a second time? Or is my account probably being watched like crazy right now?
  9. @erickho123 question mate, I'm adding fruit tree as one of the steps and it's claiming my banana tree is dead but it's fully alive still growing and not dead. I removed the step, and tried restarting the client, and script and nothing is fixing it.
  10. @karlrais Mate, I know you said you fixed the door bug but when I ran out of tokens my character went up the ladder and wasn't able to open the door from the outside to be able to go inside the warriors guild. It constantly spam clicks and my character moves back and fourth until I pause the script and manually open the door myself.
  11. @Usa you need to make your premium scripts lifetime purchasable . I understand you're going for maximum profit but paying monthly for a script is kinda eh. Great script though. A+
  12. Good job, every other tanner on the fucking scripts menu is shit. So thank you mate. @modulusfrank12
  13. @karlrais Question for you, my character gets 800 tokens goes down to get dragon defender but he leaves around 350-420 tokens remaining in my inventory and he goes back to get more tokens until I have 800 again. Why doesn't my character stay until all tokens are gone before going to get more?
  14. Ah, you got me mate. That's where I fucked up, rune defender wasn't in my inventory. Thanks (: my apologies. @karlrais
  15. for some reason my character is trying to run upstairs for the dragon defender? o.o wtf LMAO @karlrais
  16. otthagerty

    Delta Cooker

    I tested this script with the 30 min trial, and my answer is NO THANKS.
  17. This script got me to 99 magic about a month ago, haven't used it since but I hope everyone enjoys this script to the fullest extent. (:
  18. otthagerty

    Rank Title

    @Encoded update your fire making script price so I can purchase it damn it.
  19. otthagerty

    Rank Title

    How do you move up in the ranks as far as like "New botter", "Botter" "Experienced botter", etc? If someone could answer my question that would be great. (:
  20. @nightowl5894 did this script work getting dragon defender even though it's not implemented into the bot itself yet mate?
  21. @Tri I'm still using this script it got me from 50 strength all the way up to 96 strength. I'm almost 99, thanks to this awesome script. Although I've noticed even with my stats 70 atk 96 str and 70 def I'm averaging 50k xp/hr. This is without pots so Idk if it would change anything, but 50k xp/hr at higher levels tends to feel a little slow but overall this script is beast.
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