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  1. Hello, this script was written and paid for 2 weeks ago on October 25th, 2016 when I was a Premium Scripter and was allowed to write private scripts regardless of whether I did it through the repository or through another payment method. The script was delivered to the user and adjustments were being made accordingly per the user's request. As well, I kept communication with the user on a daily basis. Because of these reasons, I do not believe a refund would be valid in this circumstance as the same stance per the scripters before me.
  2. Version 0.2 (11/5/2016) - Fixed loot counter for stacked items.
  3. Sphiinx


    You linked the wrong script from the repository.
  4. Please try deleting your hooks.dat file in the settings folder of the .TRiBot folder. After doing that, restart your client twice. It should resolve this issue.
  5. @Childstory Hello, add me on Skype and I can get this done for you quickly and with a cheap price: Sphiin.x
  6. Hello, can you PM me and explain in more detail on whats happening?
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