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  1. Hi, I recently tried to run a free bot, (zeah composter), but I was left with a message saying that I can only use 2 hours every 3 days unless I'm V.I.P. The thing is, I haven't used a free bot in quite a while.
  2. No it is not complete. Ah, so sorry about that. I should have read the instruction in the pastebin more carefully. I appreciate your help!
  3. Having another issue. I had set the script to do waterfall, but forgot to add a stamina potion argument so I stopped the script. I then later tried to restart the script with now adding the stamina argument, but the script says that it cannot complete the tasks because they are already done. arguments used: purchase;stamina;staminacount:2;waterfall;mousespeed:210;minsleep:245;maxsleep:495
  4. hey guys I'm new to tribot and 07scape , is this bot good for a fresh level 3?
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