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  1. I have a verified paypal and decent amount of BTC in my wallet. Looking to buy around 65m 07 gp. Will not go first. If my TWC bothers you , please have a look at my signature to see the reason. SKYPE : vssalove Thanks Purchasing 20m+ ONLY.
  2. Botted for almost 30+ hours on my 6 year old account. All went fine
  3. iArrow

    Delta Cooker

    This Script Works just fine for me. I have got 91-98 cooking in just 2 days. Thanks @TRiLeZ
  4. Request: - PM/Spam bot Description: - The bot must be able to spam PM people around where the bot stans Payment Amount: - Offer me Payment Type: - Paypal Time: - Depends.Shouldn't be much time as it's a pretty sort script Additional: - add skype : vssalove
  5. I workout 4-5 days a week I am more than satisfied with my schedule and physique
  6. Assignments? Or essays? Can you be a little more specific ?
  7. iArrow

    buying 1 bond

    @turm elite White widow
  8. iArrow

    buying 1 bond

    ASAP!!! skype : vssalove
  9. Name: Vaibhav Age: 19 Country: India TimeZone(TMZ) EX: GMT+1 : +5:30 GMT Availability daily : 4-6 hours What do you want your job to be at our project? : Live support Skype Y/N : Y Teamspeak Y/N : Y Do you have a MIC? Y/N : Y
  10. Unlike you atleast I have something to offer. I have the reason in my signature , so look it up. All i did was gave a new guy a chance and he fucked me over , so cbf helping that. And this service is bullshit? well ,I'd suggest you to stop posting and gtfo. Thanks. Online. Anymore non-service related posts will be marked spammed.
  11. @elaatl I knew that someone would surely point out that TWC , but would not be smart enough to google the reason why I have it. So thankyou for your concern , but seriously , stop making useless and unrequired posts that don't even concern you even a bit.
  12. I have 10-12 hours free while I am doing GFX and stuff. I can do NMZ training for you. Gear + Food + Potions shall be provided by you. Price will be GP/XP , which shall be quoted once you post the stats and gear. Skype : vssalove PM / Post for more info.
  13. If you're planning to stake this money. Dont bot. lol I just lost 170m so that's the only thing I'm able to think of GL anyways
  14. Guys , I appreciate your offers , but the xp/hr is no more than 15-20k. 24-48 hours seem like an unrealistic figure.
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