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  1. PM me your Skype. yawhide 07 or EOC: 07 Amount: 5m Payment Method: paypal
  2. fixed the picking up loot bug
  3. k i updated the healing click method, see if it fixes that
  4. so its staying low hp and eventually dropping the food to make room for loot? it could also be that randoms are killing it (cuz sometimes the randoms just run away from where you are which will runinto dragons....)
  5. ok just this doesn't seem to make sense. SO can you babysit and see if my bot is getting stuck somewhere? Are you getting rol'ed even though you have food in your inv?
  6. i don't understand how its not eating lobs. can you try the other food options? can you also check the lobster id?
  7. I can't test cuz my account can't go into the area. also there are only 2 dragons ...which are the two?
  8. can you give me the IDs for the two black dragons that WONT run away when you are in the safe spot? then I can just update quickly
  9. weird I thought I fixed that! i put up another fix, 2.02 I am sorry there are bugs, usually I could test myself but my account got banned (who has access to this place... so I can't test)
  10. ok i think i fixed both those bugs v2.01
  11. I am rewriting this script. this script will become ID-less try the new version 1.0!
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