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  1. I'm on Tribot 11 beta now with LG and it doesn't seem like the interface problem is fixed. It's now getting stuck on the bank screen, making its priority to have the cursor off-screen or will just be moving back and forth. That's just one issue, seems i have to babysit the bot quite a lot. I've deleted hook data and tried other solutions. EDIT: Just to be clear I'm sure the bot works great, Just has some issues regarding Looking Glass. I'd happily use it without looking glass but i do like the idea of LG being more safe. bot.txt
  2. Hey Naton, Great script but i run into a very frequent problem. The bot seems to not recognize the bank interface is already open and gets stuck moving the mouse back and forth. I'm running LG and i assume that might be the reason why its having interface problems? Client Debug.txt
  3. Hey Netami, Just bought the script and it works great. I wanted to maybe suggest 2 things that will speed up runs. I've noticed it heavily relies on auto retaliate to attack the brothers most the time, Could you add a setting or default setting to proactively attack them? I assume this would speed it up quite a bit. Also! Having the bot use hotkeys mainly to switch tabs would speed it up as well. Anyways, just suggestions. Thanks for the great script.
  4. Works flawlessly except one part, It tries to tele to karamja when it starts the intermediate boat. Maybe ill try to wear something else than a charged glory.
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