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  1. I did, 2 times but he is not answering :/ iWnB
  2. yes but its the only way to bot on like 10 accounts at the same time. so i have to buy proxys. to have all clients with a different ip. or is that possible with other ways ? can you tell me something about it please? otthagerty
  3. are you not using a proxy ? V Toxic V
  4. why should the GE kill the price. thats bullshit.
  5. Hey i am looking to buy 1 or multiple proxys with 07 gold. it costs around 2.75m / proxy- but i got confused by this monthy payment from the super moderator YoHojo. so is it possible to just buy a proxy without paying monthly? i am very confused and new to this. i would appreciate help. Thank you
  6. Thank you @Twitch i left you a feedback
  7. Hello, just created this account bcs i just noticed its a good place to buy bonds or sell gp. I am looking to buy 4 bonds with osrs money. i will go first. (i accept the money and you trade me the bonds in the secound trade) ^.< Thank you (:
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