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  1. Version 1.1.9 Released - Various bug fixes.
  2. @lordcurse Version 1.1.5 released. - Fixed deposit bug. - Fixed opening bank bug. Thanks to @alhajri for demonstrating this on Skype.
  3. @alhajri Version 1.1 released. - Now supports rune essence or pure essence.
  4. @alhajri I'll push an update for pure essence out tomorrow, so stay tuned.
  5. Thanks for those proggies @rook718!
  6. Thanks @rook718 - looking forward to those proggies!
  7. Congrats on release, looks nice.
  8. I'm pleased to announce the release of nAirWalker 1.1, available on the repository here. Current Features: ABCL 10. Up to 40 trips per hour. Supports rune essence and pure essence. Tiara & Talisman support. Extensive stats. Togglable paint. Start the script anywhere, preferably Falador West bank. The script will equip a tiara for you if available, or withdraw a talisman. Upcoming Features: Energy / super energy potions Essence pouches Screenshots:
  9. Would this affect WebWalking? The mouse movement seems to have improved (far less spammy).
  10. This. I believe all scripts should be written defensively and should implement correct timeout failsafes, correctly handling the failure. In this case, safely logging out the user and prematurely terminating the script due to no activity.
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