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  1. Mine sandstone and use it on the grinder in the desert mine pit. Doesn’t need waterskin support or anything of that nature. Simply mine the sandstone and use it on the grinder. No more no less. Price range 10-100$ swing on all features.
  2. I have it enabled. it climbs the ladder and just stands at the top. doesn't do anything after that.
  3. Anyone know how to get the bot to use the upper motherload area? Every time i try it just sits at the top of the ladder.
  4. I would like a script that Starts a Seer's Village Bank - Get buckets from bank- teleports outside of house- fills buckets at sand pit- teleports back to Seer's Village Bank and repeats. Time for script: As Soon As possible. Payment: Paypal or Rsgp Either is fine. looking to be less thank 25m or 20Usd Please let me know if you can help.
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