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  1. @Naton Getting errors in the client when attempting to run, was working the day before yesterday and no changes were made to the GUI. java.lang.NullPointerException at scripts.napi.r.v.H(Banking.java:63) at scripts.blastfurnace.NBlastFurnace.K(NBlastFurnace.java:358) at scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:285) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  2. Are you sure you're using the correct account?
  3. I would change the GUI background image, doesn't really fit with the screen. Other than that, congratulations on your first script. Next steps you should ask yourself is, how can I elevate this script so that it differs from others?
  4. You have to give a more detailed feedback... What's your computer specifications? What java version are you using? How much percentage of memory and CPU is allocated to tribot alone when you're running whatever script you're running now (Task Manager)? What script are you running?
  5. Go to %appdata%, look for .tribot, then go to settings, delete hooks.dat and restart tribot. If you have tried that already or it still doesn't work, then Optimus will need to provide a fix, which he usually does and is very active in doing so, could be a one-off. Edit: Looks like you've already done that apologies.
  6. You're acting very childish right now. Your old thread was closed for a reason, don't create anymore.
  7. Definitely support (if possible). The amount of resources OSB uses compared to runelite is just a joke.
  8. I'll be honest, a lot lol. At least 10 hours a day (with significant breaks).
  9. Survived a week and a half botting NMZ (after 6 months of my two-day ban on a very low-ban rate script). Wouldn't recommend.
  10. For Nachos

    Jagex Detection

    No client is "Approved" but yes OSBuddy and Runelite are not against the rules.
  11. What's wrong with idiots like you grave-digging? Facepalm.
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