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  1. i fuck ur mother u cancerkid dont fuck with me u motherfucekr i spit on ur grandma in her grave bitch ass nigger motherfucker
  2. devilpker444

    3-70 herblore

    I'm sorry but as senior botter, you should know how too xfer your gold... he already mentioned that he doesn't need any requirements, he provides the supplies.
  3. devilpker444

    3-70 herblore

    Thanks for getting me level 48 herblore, he is very fast in training. he charged 1m and I tipped him another 1m !
  4. I GAVE IT BACK ALREADY I GAVE IT BACK ALREADY DO U NOT UNDERSTAND, i was not looking anything behind it when he asked for me to send it to another paypal account. I noticed that he did this when one of my customers came to me with it and when one of my customers told me that i instantly blocked him and deleted chat from skype because his chat was right beneath the one of my customer. And then when i came here he is asking for money back WHICH I ALREADY GAVE
  5. And also i was exaggerating it was 3:11 AM at that point i was exaggerating that it was 4 AM.
  6. Yes i was in my bed at that moment, the entire time when i was posting in here, too much work doing it all on my phone and i was tired af. Couldnt bother doing it when i was in bed lol. I dont think you got the part where i was in bed watching youtube.
  7. Because I was on my phone and i was watching youtoube videos in my bed so because my phone and google chrome were on i was logged into and online on tribot aswell.
  8. This is what i mean, he told me to send it to another paypal account and i cant fucking get the chat open anymore so i cant prove he said that, well thought of scam dude all i can say
  9. Not gonna reply anymore ill let mods decide now, if they really decide i scammed you so be it you are just ruining me for no reason
  10. You are literally trying to scam me out of 34.5$?? ryan and the other retard literally same people lol. Not going to give up that easily to scammers like that. Wouldnt even give up something like this if it was about 10 cents. Scammers dont deserve it.
  11. ill reply tommorrow when i wake up almost 4 am atm
  12. And also i wasnt thinking anything behind it, he probably planned this upfront and now im basically fucked because i cant provide evidence. When someone wants his money back i become the big guy and man up and give him is money back and then he does something like this??
  13. It was said through skype, and the thing is i would just show the picture here but once someone told me he opened this shit i blocked him and deleted him and now i can find out how to find the chat back.
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