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  1. Hi fellow botters, recently I've started running into a problem that I am not able to create new accounts. I have tried different IP's, emails, etc. The problem is that I create account, finish tutorial and it gets locked in 5 minutes "because it was stolen"? However, I do not receive any emails to the email and those accounts are inaccessible. How do you solve this kind of problems?
  2. Do you know if there is a way to check this? On guides it says that LG is not capable to use proxies, but many people in here are saying that this will work and it is very confusing.
  3. Hello guys, I have been looking for this for quite some time, but I do not find an exact answer, so I decided to ask you here. While botting I am always using Looking glass and I am also using Proxies. I am wondering if I can bot two accounts on one computer with looking glass, which means through OSBuddy, and have those accounts on different IP's?
  4. I'm facing a problem where the bot keeps depositing "extra dueling" and then withdrawing it again, this repeats until I manually break it.
  5. Bot gets stuck at wall beast task. It kills one and stands there doing nothing.
  6. Sorry mhdjml, it's an ultimate script, really nice and nearly flawless
  7. The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. Wtf? Ran this only four times and only for 1 account and now i get this..? Would not recommend buying.
  8. It wasn't able to find glory in poh (checked ~3 hours ago) It stopped working ~20min ago (while in bank runs to barb village with message "USA Abyss Runecrafter: Found Mine Rocks at (3049, 4813, 0)").
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