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    Well, I'm a Brit who's been involved with TRiBot for many years.

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  1. @peoplebot if this is the case please make a dispute against the user. Matt
  2. Mat

    wCombat AIO

    @scintillating Any update?
  3. Mat


    @RuniteRocks please comment
  4. @wussupwussup @Assume Please post.
  5. Mat

    Beastgmod Scam

    @beastgmod Do you have proof of your refund? And where he said he was happy with it? I'll admit the fault will lie on you, if you have no proof. But if you have proof of him saying he's happy with the 1.8M and proof of the trade. I personally see this dispute as pointless. (This is how I've read this response correct me if I'm wrong) Matt
  6. For a start I was A getting ready for bed and I wasn't go to spend an hour or two when I needed to be up in 4 hours. Also from what I've seen and heard from you and other users he most definitely scammed you. But seeing as you removed your post I guess he won't be getting banned. Matt If you want us to deal with the dispute re open a dispute and have some patients... And in your skype pictures please show his actual user name not just the display name. @maxedpure61atk Dispute complete.
  7. User has been banned for heavily disrespecting @Montreal after @Montreal told him that there was no proof he sent the payment to someone else in skype logs. Matt Dispute complete.
  8. Mat

    scammed for 34.50

    Banned. For Disrespecting staff. Which to me shows he's lying.
  9. I'm somewhat happy with the way I am. I use to go to the gym 4-5 times a week but since starting full time work as made that go completely. Luckily I'm blessed with a fast metabolism so I can somewhat eat what I want for now. All in all I'm okay with my body. But I'd like to get back to training soon... Matt
  10. Mat

    Windows 8.1 Pro Key

    Do you know if its OEM or Retail? On Game resellers you can get a hold of an Retail and OEM for around £40-50. All that is different with OEM and Retail now is OEM just gets no Microsoft support Matt
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