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  1. Hey right on man thanks for all the info. I'm glad its common, it had me freaking out a bit because this is the first time its ever happened to me before after creating quite a few accounts over the past few years. Thanks again!
  2. Okay that makes me feel better knowing that other people are having the same problem with needless locking of accounts. Does this happen for you? Like out of 10 accounts you would make how many would usually get locked on suspicion of people stolen? Thanks for all the information btw really helpful.
  3. When you say "get new proxies" are you saying get them from a different source? Because i tried three different proxies and they were all locked, which again, after 25+ proxies from the same place I was rather surprised. I have unlocked 2 of the accounts so far, are they now at a bigger risk of getting locked again or banned? Will I have to do a recovery every single time I make a new account now? I guess I just don't understand what just all of a sudden made them start thinking my accounts were being stolen, after so long of doing the exact same thing with no problems at all.
  4. This is confusing to me, as I've created over 25+ accounts using proxies right off of tutorial island, and these are the first 3 accounts that have been locked off tutorial island. In fact, it is the first accounts the I've ever had locked on suspicion of being "stolen." How would I go about making accounts then if I don't use a proxy right off the bat? Are you suggesting that I use my home IP address until I complete tutorial island? I guess what I'm asking is how to complete tutorial island without an account being locked, as well as not exposing my home IP address?
  5. can you explain to me why that would be a problem? Wouldn't it be the opposite, wouldn't they suspect my accounts have been stolen if there is 5 accounts being made on the same IP? How would they even know the accounts were connected if they're all on different IP's. That makes no sense...
  6. Everytime I finish an account on tutorial island and get to the main area, it logs me out and gives me the message "account locked as we have suspected its been stolen." I don't use any script for tutorial island, I do it by hand. I also use different proxies for every single account that I make, The other thing I can't figure out is I use proxies from the same place that my other accounts are currently botting on, and I have never had this problem. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong and why the last three accounts with fresh, private, paid for proxies are getting flagged a
  7. Still looking for a competent premium scripter, if there are even any left on this site. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know.
  8. So you're telling me someone can make a script say "lifetime" and then after 3 months refuse to maintain it? You and I both know that's a living joke. He should have repercussions for this in the result of a ban, and surely if he ever came back to the site, which of course he never will because he exit scammed 4-5 people, he will have to pay back all of the money that he scammed from people. I still believe he should be banned and I'm not quite sure why he still has an account on here. Most likely mod related but that's alright. GF $$$
  9. Lmfao, I think you need to google "lifetime" I understand that it wouldn't be his entire lifetime, but because he is no longer part of the site, "lifetime" in this situation is until he is no longer active on the site. So this stipulation has been broken. So I believe that he should be banned for scamming multiple people out of 100's of dollars.
  10. I understand, but if he is refusing to be part of the site and he is refusing to continue maintaining the scripts, why is he not banned? He has scammed multiple people and I just don't see why he still has a place on the site. He ripped me off quite a lot of money and him still even having a spot on the site is a little..... odd.
  11. Well if the lifetime of the script means however long the scripter is able to repair it, would that not result in a ban if he is not able to provide lifetime repairs for the script. Which he said in Skype? If he is no longer part of the community and is refusing to do the things he was paid for. B&
  12. Really serious about this, premium scripters get at me I am very seriously about this, wanna get this done.
  13. Script Author: @leespiker Link to Authors thread: Deleted Date Purchased: March 28th, 2015 What type orf duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof: http://imgur.com/a/1QNxc Issues: General Upkeep and many bugs Refuses to answer Skype, and due to the other dispute against LeeSpiker, I believe this should result in a ban. Thank you for reviewing this and for any help at all, he has cut off all contact with me.
  14. 1. Item Runner/Charger 2. Will be running different items for profit 3. 150-200$, but negotiable if the right scripter. 4. Doesn't have a set time limit, but 1-2 weeks 5. Anything further PM me please
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