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  1. TRiBot Version: 12.0.16 Description of the bug (be specific): Client fails to use in game world hopper to change worlds. Will open in game world hopper screen, scroll to world, and then fail. https://streamable.com/lgofk9 How to reproduce the bug: use code ``` WorldHopper.changeWorld(301);``` Active Script (if applicable): N/A Client Debug: ``` [17:30:22] Script Stack Trace: [17:30:22] [email protected]/java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [17:30:22] app//obf.tb.Ca(cb:49) [17:30:22] app//org.tribot.api.General.sleep(xo:31) [17:30:22] app//org.tribot.api2007.WorldHopperInGame.om(b
  2. It is activated automatically when you successfully and correctly purchase it
  3. RIP the secrets out now...
  4. If it's your first time running, it may take a while since it's downloading stuff in the BG
  5. There doesn't appear to be a "$2" off coupon for entering mithril monkfish tier, I do however see a " 5% Discount " coupon for mithril monkfish tier which pretty much means you don't have to pay GST because GST is 5%
  6. 1) Close all exisiting tribot clients 2) open fresh client 3) on the top bar of client click " View " 4) select last option " Proxy Manager " 5) fill in lines 6) Press "Save" 7) Close tribot client 8.) You can now use proxies with new clients
  7. :salute: 10 was a champ while it was up, let's see what 12 brings us!
  8. Hello, I was advised to make a post on the forums if there was no response from the facebook rep. Need to renew my script next week and would love that prize @Rileyz Thanks
  9. Create your accounts using real emails and unlock them manually afterwards, there's almost no escaping locks after tutorial island unless you have some secret hidden sauce to do so
  10. How I imagined Tribot 11 should've been introduced and in no way anything anyone with power has suggested and said Hello everyone, Sorry for being absent as of late, real life situations have taken most of my time, but today I have two important announcements to make. Firstly,i'm proud to say after years of having our flagship Tribot client running for years, and standing above the rest, we're proud to announce a brand new exciting client, Tribot 11! We understand change is change is sometimes hard to adjust to, and we fully understand and respect, w
  11. The store does NOT work. I linked my account and purchased VIP-E but have received nothing. Payment has gone through though.
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