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  1. :salute: 10 was a champ while it was up, let's see what 12 brings us!
  2. Hello, I was advised to make a post on the forums if there was no response from the facebook rep. Need to renew my script next week and would love that prize @Rileyz Thanks
  3. Create your accounts using real emails and unlock them manually afterwards, there's almost no escaping locks after tutorial island unless you have some secret hidden sauce to do so
  4. How I imagined Tribot 11 should've been introduced and in no way anything anyone with power has suggested and said Hello everyone, Sorry for being absent as of late, real life situations have taken most of my time, but today I have two important announcements to make. Firstly,i'm proud to say after years of having our flagship Tribot client running for years, and standing above the rest, we're proud to announce a brand new exciting client, Tribot 11! We understand change is change is sometimes hard to adjust to, and we fully understand and respect, which is where our second announcement comes in. As times have changed and progressed, so have costs of both maintaining our client, as well as overhead costs with new staff to help further create and maintain the best public botting client on the market. Unfortunately this is a part of business, and we can proudly say that having our $8 VIP membership fee unchanged after so many years can be hailed as an achievement, but times have forced us to adjust the price to $10/month accordingly, and we hope our users can understand. With that, I would like to introduce an OPTIONAL tax : " Legacy Tax " First and foremost, this will only affect a small subset amount of our users, and it is not a forced option for most users, our new client Tribot 11 will not be affected by this tax under normal circumstances. As we are trying to move forward in the future, Tribot 10 will slowly be discontinued and no longer be supported, which is why we've introduced this new tax to help keep it running for our valued customers who choose to keep using it, as feedback has suggested. NOTE: Users who choose to run with the legacy Tribot 10 client will not receive any new client updates, the client itself will only be updated when necessary due to bugs/fixes and no new feature will be added. Users who might be affected by this new tax will include: 1) Users who would like to keep using our flagship, stable client, Tribot 10. 2) Users who would like to bot with more than 10 clients at a time ( both Tribot 10 and Tribot 11 combined ) 3) to be continually discussed. There will be 5 different tiers of the new tax system as follows: 11-25 clients - Bronze Tier - $15/month 26-99 clients - Silver Tier - $50/month 100-250 clients - Gold Tier - $75/month 251-499 clients - Master Tier - $100/month 500+ clients - Elitist Tier - $125/month *Prices are not final and are up for discussion* *Users who use repository scripts will not be affected at a rate of 1 instance = 1 client* All tier packages come with access to our legacy client Tribot 10, Users who run less than 10 clients and use our new client will be unaffected. Please note if you are caught abusing the pricing system we reserve the right to terminate both your account and services. Why have we introduced this new tax system? We understand this new additional cost might bring a shock and burden to most of our users, especially our veteran users who have been with us since the beginning and might have started out as a repo user, who because of their love of botting have taken it upon themselves to spend the time and effort to learn scripting themselves and write for themselves. As we respect and understand some users use exclusively or mostly their own local scripts, we hope the users will also understand the strain it puts on our end. With this new tax system, we can help offset the stress put onto us by users who run local scripts while only paying their monthly VIP fees as well as maintaining our current out-dated Tribot 10 client. We Understand that it might seem unfair that we are penalizing users who have taken the time and effort to learn how to script, but we ask our users to please understand our difficulties as well. Thank you, imagine if we got to keep 10 and current repo system by only paying more for vip
  5. The store does NOT work. I linked my account and purchased VIP-E but have received nothing. Payment has gone through though.
  6. just wanted to say i like runescape. my favourite skill is slayer i get post count for this right? also my least favourite skill is probably mining, that skill is boring af
  7. how dare you try to steal my name template, welcome :nerd:
  8. were you the guy that bought off that guy PM'ing people about selling zulrah accounts? or did you buy the account period, lol
  9. I've made hundreds of billions over the past history and i'll continue doing so. You seem like the kind of partner I like, know what you want and ask for it, hit me up and we can talk further details. At the moment i've got 5 servers getting shipped to me atm and I could use some helping hands getting them setup and running. I've got all the scripts and accounts as well as groundwork all set up, ideally i'd need you to do hourly checks and maintence on my servers. If this is something you're interested in, hit me up, I can either offer compensation via a Salary ( you will get taxed from govt. ) 07 gold, or BTC.
  10. theholyone


    little do you guys not in leakfest know, it's already 86% completed
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