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  1. Hi guys I have bought the wrong subscription. i accidentally bought VIP however wanted VIP extended. Are you able to rectify this for me? i have the additional credits already on my account to cover the difference. Thanks
  2. when doing blackjacks my character stalls and then the guy just keeps hitting me... I am not using LG, i am zoomed all the way out and i am on a UK server. it seems to be "missclicking" alot. I have noticed that if u "pickpocket" twice after failing a knockout, he will stop attacking you. Maybe you can change the "Lure" to this? Thanks
  3. Am i being really silly? it says load preset, but its blank, i cant see a add or save preset button? Hotspot name is Larder Space Interface Name is Oak Larder, if i click search it find them. using butler method. any help? Thanks
  4. Is there anyway to change attack style? I am using DH absorption at the moment, if i want attack xp it keeps changing my method to strength. Is there any way to select attack? Thanks
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