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    Im 17 and wanna become a scripter for tribot

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  1. OCOWA

    [FREE] OC Bird Hunter

    @speed_stick This is due to me using IDs for this script, I would have to get on tribot client and check/reset all of the IDs or change how the script works.. But I can't get VIP anymore and its a struggle man :/
  2. Lol does anybody actually they think they would buy the company just to bot the game? They would just sell gold on their website ,,,
  3. @Purple might be able to help you
  4. I recommend this https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23701-videos-how-to-make-tribot-scripts-covers-everything-you-need-to-know-to-get-started/
  5. @nfekted it uses ABC2 which automatically does some things while the script is running ontop of anytime the script is waiting it will check to do antiban tasks.
  6. Yeah, they even do bans where if they catch you botting they will have it ban you weeks later so you can't trace it back to a certain thing you were doing that got you banned
  7. @Evan0123 Use mac's equivalent of task manager and close anything related to java or restart your computer
  8. OCOWA


    @Mauly chrome doesn't allow java anymore, I need to use firefox to get runescape to run in browser, @TheOmen are you using firefox?
  9. OCOWA


    @TheOmen http://oldschool.runescape.com/game?world=394 OR any number for whatever world
  10. @Miko It should be better now, let me know if you find anything else messing up.
  11. @Miko I think i have one of my failsafes screwing up if that's true, when u get to my pc today I'll update it and see if it's running smoother
  12. @douglas2k8 Hmm, in my experience clay miners have extremely high banrates, unless it was in some niche area, I can't think of an efficient way to mine clay as an F2P without getting banned.
  13. @douglas2k8 F2P or P2P clay miner?
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