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  1. @speed_stick This is due to me using IDs for this script, I would have to get on tribot client and check/reset all of the IDs or change how the script works.. But I can't get VIP anymore and its a struggle man :/
  2. Lol does anybody actually they think they would buy the company just to bot the game? They would just sell gold on their website ,,,
  3. @nfekted it uses ABC2 which automatically does some things while the script is running ontop of anytime the script is waiting it will check to do antiban tasks.
  4. Yeah, they even do bans where if they catch you botting they will have it ban you weeks later so you can't trace it back to a certain thing you were doing that got you banned
  5. @Mauly chrome doesn't allow java anymore, I need to use firefox to get runescape to run in browser, @TheOmen are you using firefox?
  6. @TheOmen http://oldschool.runescape.com/game?world=394 OR any number for whatever world
  7. @Miko It should be better now, let me know if you find anything else messing up.
  8. @Miko I think i have one of my failsafes screwing up if that's true, when u get to my pc today I'll update it and see if it's running smoother
  9. @douglas2k8 Hmm, in my experience clay miners have extremely high banrates, unless it was in some niche area, I can't think of an efficient way to mine clay as an F2P without getting banned.
  10. @douglas2k8 F2P or P2P clay miner?
  11. To anyone who uses this tutorial, two things to note when calculating XP per hour (Or anything per hour) In this code where it says int xpPerHour = (long)(gainedXP * 3600000 / timeRan);this will give you negative numbers for xpPerHour(because gainedXp * 3600000 will very quickly go over 2^31 -1 and give big negative numbers messing up your calculations, so you shuold write it like this: long xpPerHour = (gainedXP * (3600000 / timeRan));i see no reason to leave xp Per hour as an int aswell However, if you look closely at these calculations, you will realize that it is slightly off, and i
  12. @Magician Thanks man, I tried using some of them and they didn't work, so I thought I would fill that void!
  13. Currently Supported Courses: Draynor Al Kharid Varrock Canifis To be continued..... Features: ABCL2 Pick your food(or you can choose to not use food) Picks up all marks of grace I will add all the courses as My agility increases SIMPLE PAINT(I hate when i can't see certain things because of the scripts paint) Does not use IDs to find Objects(Wont break with runescape updates) Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/user_functions/activateScript/1786/ How to Use: Once added to your scripts, just start it while near the course you plan to use Input your food ID(or put 0
  14. @domas123 Why not just use 2 accounts per client at 384 heap size each client and then one client with just 256 and one account ...
  15. @Tri Thats a good idea, and probably why the other hunter scripts weren't working! But, how would i go about doing that because the object ID still changes when the bird reaches it, so I would need to store the position of the traps, and then check when uptext changes maybe? (Bare with me because I'm new to tribots API)
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