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  1. Lol took me a while to get the joke. Was already writing wtf you ment lel. I wish I could code like that man.
  2. He Guys, Ive got a few accounts i'd like to make using the script "JbotStarter Ultimate" found SEE SCRIPT HERE Id like to make the account look much less like a bot by getting things like quests done and training slayer and progressing at a logical not to fast pace. Also keeping enough alteration in the tasks because most players switch to training a few skills/do some quests, every playing session. Oke so these are the stats id like on the account, other skills are welcome as long as they dont take up to much time to get the account ready: 60 attack 60 strenght 60 defence 75 magic 50 ranged 43 prayer 50 agility The script can do all of these quests: Cook's Assistant, Doric's Quest, The Knight's Sword Imp Catcher, Witch's Potion, Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer X Marks the Spot Pirate's Treasure Romeo & Juliet Goblin Diplomacy Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Vampire Slayer Client of Kourend Druidic Ritual Monk's Friend Varrock Museum Gertrude's Cat Sea Slug Witch's House Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree Waterfall Priest in Peril Animal Magnetism Fight Arena Lost City Merlin's Crystal Holy Grail Fishing Contest RFD Cook RFD Dwarf Dragon Slayer Mountain Daughter Dwarf Cannon And these are the skills the script can train, I can setup to train to a surtain lvl in the queue so you dont have to train a stat from 1 to 99, just put other tasks in between. Slayer (Turael only) Prayer Ranging Agility Cooking Fishing Woodcutting Crafting Firemaking Request: So the script works with a task system, queue. You can put all these skills in and set lvl to train to and it wil progress to the next task which could also be a task. I would like you guys to type out the best list for me so Ill just have to start the script, and when its done, my account is ready. No need to think about items and banking. Thats been taken care off. You can type it in a form like this: get 20 ranged do waterfall quest train 30 def through slayer I would like to know what the most efficient list/task system/queue is so its just have a saved file I can press play on and some hours later ive got the stats as mentioned above. It is important that enough relevant reward giving quests are present in this list and that a "player" training and questing through the list will look as much legit as possible so to avoid the ban hammer. REWARD: The 2 people that deliver me a list as described above, will receive a fully trained account as stated above with 2 weeks of membership on that account. Not bad for a little research on the wiki he =] Please send me a PM with your list and Ill announce the winner soon. *** Please comment as soon as you got it done and send me a pm to verify. *** Please dont share the list created, that would just mean banns for everyone that uses it. Please send me a PM with your list and Ill announce the winner soon. Cheers,
  3. In case some lonesome forum wanderer stumbels upon this in the future, this is how I fixed the problem with the help of a very nice man: First, go to his guide and follow his EXACT instructions. That should have worked and u should be good too goo. I however made a mistake which one of you might also make, so im posting it here for the lonesome forum wanderer: - In the guide he tells you to download JDK 8 102 x64 version I however thought it was an older guide and just downloaded the newest version of JDK 8 241. This is WRONG. U should download the older 102 version. This fixed the problem for me =] I hope it will for you too. The link is in the picture below, the correct JDK is highlighted. Happy botting
  4. Beast among men. Thank you sir for your support. Very much appreciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  5. Just finished the free version and man it is a work of art. So smooth. Getting the full version now, very curious to see how it holds up when more complex tasks are queued and if it will remain to chain the tasks like a normal player would. But judging from the trial, I've got a lot of confidence. If this turns out well, it will save me a lot of time and scripts getting my accounts ready for my farm. I've got a suggestion for further development that ill pm you, I hope ull agree and make it happen =] Cheers, IDKFA
  6. I dont know if Jagex is able to tell by the ip address if its a residential connection or if its for example the ip of a big library on campus where a lot of ppl could be playing the game. And I do believe they dont check passwords due to privacy and safety regulations but I could be wrong about that. If I were you I would just put 4 accounts per proxy and dont invest to much in each account and just see how it goes. IME leaving the accounts alone for a while also has some impact but thats purely anecdotal. No clear answers for you but its something lol. Good luck.
  7. Congrats mate on the epic achievement! I'm setting up a new farm as we speak and need your script will cut down so much time on getting the accounts ready. Was already gonna get it so the 30% off is music to my ears =] Thanks for making such an awesome AIO and cheers
  8. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I've just lost a good couple of hours trying to get my looking glass to pair with osbuddy again, been away for a while, absolutely awesome feature. I've had troubles with LG before but this is the first time I need your help. This morning everything was working fine, changed absolutely nothing on the computer or client, left home for a couple of hours and now i'm getting this: I've tried many things to resolve the issue, among: - Making sure the JDK is X86, latest and Osbuddy is cross platform 32 bit edition (tried every possible combination too) - Deleted all Java from my PC to start over fresh every time I tried a new combination - Used the Jarfix file when .jar files wouldnt load - Tried screen mirroring on osbuddy and runelite instead of the new "automatically open up osbuddy session" - Used that "deletehooksandcache" jar file someone wrote a while back - Tried many different older versions of Tribot in combination with older versions of JDK's And probably a whole lot more I cant think of right now. The client does load to Jagex login screen if you choose new session but just cant use LG. Also, this shows up in the loader, something about login details I guess but I tried logging in and out of forum and it was fine: I'm really at a loss here so I hope you guys can think of something I can try. Wasted my whole Saturday on this fml lol =] Thanks in advance and cheers, IDKFA
  9. Would be awesome of someone could fix this script. Worked like a charm back in the dizzy.
  10. idkfa

    Where to buy accounts?

    Oke great thanks for the tip. I've sent PlayerAuctions an email with some questions about their buying protection, which you pay for, since their list of proof you have to provide if you get scammed is not even possible for someone imo. But yeah ill just look at the reputations. Cheers. Yes i've see some of those prices and they are absolutely ridiculous. The whole point of a gold farm is to make money right lol. I'm just hoping to find a reputable seller with fair pricing. I actually really love to bot. Maxing some stats and creating great accounts for good methods is thrilling. But life is becoming more demanding so I just cant spend all that time on so many accounts. Cheers for the advice Adventure_Time, appreciate it.
  11. idkfa

    Where to buy accounts?

    Thanks for your reply Adventure Time. The thing is that i'm a bit hesitant to buy from an individual. If a platform of something similar would provide anti scam insurance, where u have to pay a certain percentage which is based on the total account price, I would feel much more at ease as the platform/marketplace would refund the customer if the seller scams. If the seller still scams, the party that handled the insurance would report the sold account to Jagex so it gets banned and cant ever be sold again making it a lot less attractive for the scammer. Sounds to me like that creates a lot more certainty in this sea of scammers. But maybe that just doesn't exist. This is my first time looking around how this whole "buying accounts for botting" really works. And it fascinates me that no one wants to share where to meet honest people selling these accounts while all the big goldfarms buy those accounts by the hundreds on the regular to replace their banned accounts and keep the farm going. Dont want to break any rules here, im just very curious about this whole scene while everyone here is out there botting accounts just like the dudes selling them. Just food for thought lol but maybe im just weird.
  12. idkfa

    Where to buy accounts?

    Oke cheers. Yeah I had a hunch it was a grey area. I'm not asking any Tribot member to sell me anything. I would just love if someone could point met in the right direction so I don't get messed over and lose my hard earned cash on doggy deals at shady marketplaces. And lets be honest, a lot of the guys here that run big farms buy the accounts to start of and/or replace the accounts that get banned. Its a simple cost-benefit analysis. Though I do very much understand that Tribot does not want an accounts marketplace on their community because of all the scamming. Ill tag a moderator in this topic so ill/and maybe someone who finds this topic later on, know for sure. And if it was against the rules I'm very sorry and will never ask/post about this topic again. @YoHoJo I've been part of this community for years and ran some fairly nice farms but I just don't have the time anymore to train all the accounts. Was just hoping someone could point me to a trusted platform where the scam rate is a bit lower so I can continue getting all the scripts, the client, proxies and feedback from this community I love so much. Cheers, IDKFA
  13. He guys, I hope i'm not breaking any rules by asking this question. If so, please forgive me and remove/replace this post. Im tired of building up all those accounts for the botfarms and would like to try and buy the accounts with the stats I need to run the farm. Does anyone know a reliable source? Since every account can be reclaimed pretty easily after its been sold, I would like to know some reputable sellers or a platform that offers paid insurance. I've been looking at playerauctions lately and they seem pretty legit with their insurance. What do you guys think and can someone hook me up? Cheers and happy botting =]
  14. Thanks Worthy. Thats awesome, ill go look into that.
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