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  1. Great tips Yoho thanks for your effort. It was never my expectation to start learning this all at once and most certainly not within two months. Im just trying to get some guidance where to start and maybe have a bit of a learning plan to learn these things step by step.
  2. He Guys, I recently found an epic showcase of an osrs goldfarm build from scratch by the guy himself, he uses Tribot as well. This is the playlist of his video's AUTOMATED BOTFARM SERIES He automatically mass creates accounts by the hundreds, uses SQL databases that keep track if any got banned so they get replaced and wrote his own basic scripts, gui's, was using eclipse, had proxies automatically running and much more. Long story short, I've always wanted to learn how to set up such an automated farm from the ground up. For the first time in my life ill have a lot of f
  3. Lol took me a while to get the joke. Was already writing wtf you ment lel. I wish I could code like that man.
  4. He Guys, Ive got a few accounts i'd like to make using the script "JbotStarter Ultimate" found SEE SCRIPT HERE Id like to make the account look much less like a bot by getting things like quests done and training slayer and progressing at a logical not to fast pace. Also keeping enough alteration in the tasks because most players switch to training a few skills/do some quests, every playing session. Oke so these are the stats id like on the account, other skills are welcome as long as they dont take up to much time to get the account ready: 60 attack 60 strenght 6
  5. In case some lonesome forum wanderer stumbels upon this in the future, this is how I fixed the problem with the help of a very nice man: First, go to his guide and follow his EXACT instructions. That should have worked and u should be good too goo. I however made a mistake which one of you might also make, so im posting it here for the lonesome forum wanderer: - In the guide he tells you to download JDK 8 102 x64 version I however thought it was an older guide and just downloaded the newest version of JDK 8 241. This is WRONG. U should download the older 102 version. This
  6. Beast among men. Thank you sir for your support. Very much appreciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  7. I dont know if Jagex is able to tell by the ip address if its a residential connection or if its for example the ip of a big library on campus where a lot of ppl could be playing the game. And I do believe they dont check passwords due to privacy and safety regulations but I could be wrong about that. If I were you I would just put 4 accounts per proxy and dont invest to much in each account and just see how it goes. IME leaving the accounts alone for a while also has some impact but thats purely anecdotal. No clear answers for you but its something lol. Good luck.
  8. Congrats mate on the epic achievement! I'm setting up a new farm as we speak and need your script will cut down so much time on getting the accounts ready. Was already gonna get it so the 30% off is music to my ears =] Thanks for making such an awesome AIO and cheers
  9. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I've just lost a good couple of hours trying to get my looking glass to pair with osbuddy again, been away for a while, absolutely awesome feature. I've had troubles with LG before but this is the first time I need your help. This morning everything was working fine, changed absolutely nothing on the computer or client, left home for a couple of hours and now i'm getting this: I've tried many things to resolve the issue, among: - Making sure the JDK is X86, latest and Osbuddy is cross platform 32 bit edition (tried every possible combinat
  10. Would be awesome of someone could fix this script. Worked like a charm back in the dizzy.
  11. Thanks Worthy. Thats awesome, ill go look into that.
  12. He Guys, This might be a stupid question but im not that tech savvy. I just got a Synology DS218+ and it seems that thing can do a lot more than I expected, specially when using Docker and third party application. I was wondering if its possible to run Tribot on the nas. Would be great since that thing is always on. Thanks and cheers
  13. Hi everyone using this script. How do u guys get the most out of the barrows accounts? Suicide or just a couple of hours a day? And if so, how many hours and breaks? cheers
  14. I think the webwalker is broken. Logs me out after dying.
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