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  1. Great script. But sometimes i get stuck at seers course. It goes up the ladder in the bank instead of going up to the agility course. When it goes up the ladder it's stuck and doesn't do anything anymore.
  2. fuck damn I got scammed for more then 40m+ ;S same like using vails of water and attack potion swap
  3. Sup, like 4 hours ago I restarted the bot. But now I just came back, I see it declines every trade (when buying) @ second tradescreen.(Selling works fine) Did u change some1 the last 10 hours? maybe u remember? It worked rly nice before and I didn't change something about the settings (I reload the saved file), ID's also didn't change so idk. hope u can figure it out what happened. see u=) edit:I am merching (flipping) 4 dose potions
  4. theres still a delay even when i use 0 0
  5. or can u make a bottem with toggle blacklist on/off? i really dont like the blacklist =/
  6. exaclty dont like that blacklist some people takes alot time, and decline and trade again and gonna accept cuz they thought about it orsomething but when he put it on blacklist it wont trade:S, also alot times they have to trade 2 times cuz the bot does not accept trade at the first time, could that be fixed? ty great script anyways!
  7. would that fix the problem? can u also add at the save history thing, a delete saved settings button?
  8. laggs out when it isnt on your inventory, also when u will get a random .. (most of randoms your inventory will remove) u will get stucked in the random. it doesnt change automaticly from buy to sell? like when ur out of cash it doenst start automaticly with selling=( can u fix that? greetz gl fixing
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