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  1. Really like this script it seems clean for the most part but my character seems to mis click the ore deposite conveyor belt way too much causing him to run all the way over by the pump you gain exp strength from almost. What is going on? Clearly this will get my accounts banned quickly I would purchase for months to come if this were not the case. Thanks..
  2. testing1 , Ive tried your guide along with every other one I have ben able to find and mine isn't working either I am having the same issue... I have never had this issue either until I just picked my laptop back up its been 4-5 months.
  3. Can you add an option to pick what fletching your character does? id like to do arrow shafts but it automatically does bows. thanks :)
  4. Does this script support raising a kitten? A knife at barb village??
  5. Enjoy this script but seems to be a little buggier than some of your other scripts, Like your woodcutting one is beautfiul... picks up birdnests and drops with a unique pattern. Please update this Would be awesome! thank
  6. Big fan of your work man, very inspiring to hear your story and how much you have achieved! I have noticed the "dropping items" code or patterns are different in this script than your fishing script in which i love as well! But i think this dropping in your woodcutting script is far more realistic. Are you planning on implementing that into your fishing and all other scripts? I think it would be awesome! So runescape doesnt think its weird all of a sudden when i woodcut I am dropping items differently then when i fished. Thanks man keep up the good work bro for real!
  7. Mines totally bugging out, Ive used for awhile now but just got on today and its going to bank to check for an axe? what the hell lol Im trying to fish and cook-drop at barb village salmon.
  8. Thanks dogg for the good information, I've been personally botting for years now and have realized its something I actually really enjoy so why not try an monetize it? Can i pm you on here or discord for a few questions if you don't mind?
  9. Explain please? Should I upgrade to more ram?
  10. How many regular standard tribot clients could I run with this setup? And how many looking glass bots?
  11. Thank you Aro for updating me on this subject. I am a middle class man I really have no room in my budget to be paying monthly for scripts and a Tribot Prem fee that I only use on 1 account. I don't play to goldfarm or make profit just something I enjoy, sad day to hear this my time here ia done ?
  12. Hello Aropopu First i wanna say Im a huge fan of you're work. Every script I've tried of yours is flawless and smoother running than any other ive tried. I absolutely love you're coding. I bought your script back in 2015 a lifetime subscription of 1 instance of this mining script and its worked for me until 2 days ago i noticed its no longer avaliable for me? I get and noticed Tribot has stopped lifetime subscriptions but how is that fair when i bought it it stated lifetime cant juat change your policy to my knowledge this script should be avaliable rightfully for me to use until it is not lon
  13. I would like only 1 instance for 1 month can u do that?
  14. Id like to know how much a life time subscription of the script 1 instance would be?
  15. Been using Tribot regularly with no issues, got on today to start up and getting this "You need Java 7.0_25 or higher to run TRiBot. (10.0.1)" error. Updated Java JDK from the Oracle site it still isn't working. My PC is fairly new so I even went as far as resetting it. Downloaded java of course to run it and still this issue. Any suggestions?
  16. Just bought VIP again glad to see Tribots still in business thanks for the work.
  17. I got some good information out of your guide mate, a 2nd would be nice!
  18. Ive got this script purchased, ive had it bought for along time. just started playing again and its not showing up on my tribot client? it says i havve it bought it the repository though heelpp
  19. Everytime i use looking glass it fails to login after using a break, every single time. Enters my login username then goes balistic when entering in the password and keeps trying to log it in when its not correct, most likely going to cause all my accounts to be banned as it was doing it for a good hour before i noticed. Nothing on my end i am doing wrong i tested everything, so something is up whats wrong? Un-handled login message: is the bot debug i am getting. and for the client debug, Login bot: login... a few times then finally login bot: Failed...
  20. I am having the same problem I bought VIP 3 days ago
  21. Also my scripts seem not to be working today, combat atleast i have 2 paid ones and its not refreshing to find the npc's so i can set it to attack them
  22. Can anyone please figure this out i am losing days i paid for this isn't fair.
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