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  1. I've bought VIP for Tribot again after being inactive awhile. 3 days ago i purchased a months prescription and it wont allow me to use the VIP in client. Wont give me the option to use looking glass nor will it load the human mouse movements. These are the reasons i bought VIP and its not allowing me to, hasn't gave me the option for 3 days now.
  2. Hello guys, I just want to share with you my incident. So I've been botting Woodcutting, Cooking, Smithing, Blast Furnace, Crafting, Agilitiy, and Combat. I made sure all scripts behaved the same in almost everywhere possible before even using on this account (it was my main). Completed id say about 75% of randoms got all the outfits and stuff if not I would manually dismiss them by talking to them or sometimes just dismiss. I always babysit the account never was away at any point for hours would just watch Netflix or a Movie while the bot was running alot of times chatting with players throughout as well as manually pausing and afking quite often. Made 70+ Combat states, 95 Cooking, 60 Woodcutting, 45 Agility, 68 Smithing, and 59 Crafting. Never botted more than 5 hours straight. I've been botting for years on many accounts, not all from this IP and it seems they all end up getting banned no matter what. I took as many precautions as possible on this run considering it was my main and still got banned. This is all from TriBot Premium Scripts. Along with human like mouse movement, always was VIP Extended while botting. Welp long story short I tried to login today and BAM! I think it's safe to say any legit botting is RIP. Unless you want to suicide bot for goldfarming, I would not recommend it. 100$+ IRL CASH MONAYY wasted over the time. Can say I had fun and kinda enjoyed it but nothing to show for it in the end. Don't make this mistake lmao. "Account banned for macroing in OldSchool. Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex. Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being 'totally undetectable' or 'no ban guaranteed' are inaccurate. As such your account has been permanently removed from game. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules should you wish to create another account. "
  3. I actually just figured out how to use the Paypal option, Sorry about that this thread can be deleted if need be thanks!
  4. is there anyway other way i can buy the credits? i dont have bitcoin or anything like that
  5. I have bought credits and many scripts with this same card, its my primary bank card Ive got plenty of money on it and it works for everything else and always works for tribot. I just ran out of vip a few days ago and Im trying to buy more credits to renew but it keeps saying this. Payment failed: Your card does not support this type of purchase.. just wondering what the problem is?
  6. I love this script have used it alot, but I noticed the script closes the bank by using the X button, you should add a feature to enable or disable that because my other scripts don't close the bank like that so it may look suspicious on my acccount that im only closing my bank like that on smithing skill
  7. I prefer looking glass because i like to use osbuddy and that enables me too use the osbuddy features while botting
  8. -.- can I upgrade from vip to extended buy just paying the extra money? or would i have to pay the full 8 ?
  9. Mainly bought VIP again for the human mouse data because I thought it was great the last time I bought VIP but this time it isnt able to find the encryption key Im kinda upset :/
  10. Im having issues banking while fishing at barb village, while fishing all is good but when going to edge baank he is all squirrmy and goes everywhere
  11. Bought script along time ago used to for awhile and stopped playing just started again and this script wont start up for me anymore but all the other ones will help:(
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