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  1. This is bogus I got vipE last time and didn't have HMD I don't know how it works I did 22 files as well can I get mine renewed
  2. So vip E gets mouse data now i burnt a month before no data i had vip E does it work on vip E now ?
  3. can i please get my human mouse data files in i did my 22 files thanks and i have vipE
  4. bot gets stuck at wilderness ditch warning cant go through it i dont know why it just gets stuck and moves mouse around
  5. How am i supposed to set auth and i dont have auth now also it asks for auth when i login which is kind of retarded how can i see the codes ?
  6. totally understand but i did 30 files and had it before it would be nice only if people who put in work and did those files get it first and then people who have dont nothing get it after i did all 30 files when i was vip E to help aswell
  7. did you guys stop human mouse data it didnt load with client for some reason i just got back after a year not sure and iam vip aswell now i have done my 30 files too
  8. what dose checking price check box off do i seen the answer on bot loader but can someone explain the benefits is it going to increase the hourly income ?
  9. idk what but something def happaned its really slow 9m stack 25k hr now its back to 80k hope it goes back to normal soon
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