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  1. the script is absolutely flawless, never had an issue with it, i usually try and run it for atleast 12 hours a day split into two 6ish hour sessions without breaks, probably not the best idea i know but ive been using the script about a month so far with no issues, the gp/h varies between 1.5-3m an hour, 1.5m an hour without any rares but upto 3m/hr with rares, ive been making approximately 15-25m per day, and just now started running 2 accounts and in the process of training 3 more. i would definately recommend buying the script. EDIT: just worked it out from my signature average just over 2m/hr over 288 hours on just one account.
  2. Hello, i have been using Zulrah Slayer on 1 account for the past few weeks, I now have a 2nd account ready for zulrah, here's my question. curently its $14.99 for 1 instance for 14 days or $79.99 for 5 instances for 30 days. I'm wondering if i purchase the 1 instance twice will it allow me to run 2 insatnces or will it just give me 28 days for 1 instance?
  3. I know this is a big ask and not really related to magic training as such, would it be possible for you to add doing the god cape mini quest/quests for imbued god capes?
  4. could you possibly do a temporary fix, so it will just stay on the same world and doesnt try to hop, i know its less than ideal but atleast it would still be running?
  5. the scipt is getting stuck after it has teleported away from a pker, instead of hopping worlds it will jst stand there indefinately
  6. willin

    Script has gone

    I recently purchased a Lava dragon script, unfortunately i cant remember who it was made by, Its no longer in my script list and i cant find it anywhere on the forums or the script repository, its also not in my purchase history? any ideas?
  7. willin

    question about proxy

    hi, ive just purchased a private socks proxy to allow me to keep my ip clean, ive just created two accounts using the ip of the proxy i have purchased and then logged them into the client using the same ip, however both account was locked within about 5 minutes as they are suspected stolen, can anyone help with where im going wrong?
  8. Hi, i am currently trialing your script and probably going to purchase it, I do however have a quick question, i am using 4 dose stamina potions, every trip it is withdrawing a 4 dose potion then banking the 3 dose and repeating, will the script start to use the 3 dose potions once it has used the 4 doses?
  9. trialed this script, its good but has a few minor issue, when entering a friends house it will manually type the name each time even when there is the option to click on the last host, also when exchanging bones with philas it will sometimes use the bones on him, the chat dialog will come up then it will right click and use the bones on him again, sometimes it wont even exchange any bones before trying to reenter the portal.
  10. I know that it isnt a set range of 30-50 seconds however when i was watching the script the client debug was filled with the abc2 information that was happening quite often, it would just randomly move the mouse partially on the screen and right click a random place, i was just pointing out that in my opinion it would be quite unusual when afk training, when im training legit im quite likely to leave the mouse stationary on the client and only move it to reset and repeat.
  11. I agree with the above, the script runs flawless however i was playing legit and found that when i was afking i would either leave the mouse stationary on the screen or take my mouse off screen, when using the script i have disabled using abc2 as i think that moving the mouse every 30-50 seconds and right clicking seems very odd when doing what is normally a 10 minute afk, however the script will still right click examine seeweed quite often, again i think this is very strange as a legit player wouldnt examine an object while afk training, especially the same object many times over the course of a few hours.
  12. willin

    need help

    i was running a zulrah bot when my computer crashed, i restarted it and attempted to re start the script and now im getting a message saying "the maximum number of instances for this script has been surpassed" im assuming it still thinks the script is running, is anyone able to help with this or reccommend a way to fix it? thanks
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