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    Hello Guys, I'm David! Here is a small bio of me.

    I am a very logical programmer and designer, whether I'm designing in Adobe Photoshop or creating UML diagrams. I take my time on all of my work and complete my work with passion. If something is not right I will fix it.

    I have been programming/coding for over 7 years, and 5 years at my best. I know JAVA, HTML, CSS 3, HTML/HTML 5, PHP, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, C++, MySQL Querying and DataBase coding, and XML. I have also designed many web templates and developed web applications for years.

    I believe I can improve the TRiBot community in many ways. If anyone needs help with anything I am the person to ask. If I am busy I will try to find time asap to help you. All of the people who have contacted me about getting help with something, whether it's a script of mine or something else, have received my help without wait. I am a very generous person but also a business man.

    Many people trust me because I never let them down, scam, or go behind their back. I am very loyal and will follow through on everything I say, especially if it's a promise.

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  1. Yes, it is working fully, and just made another update - V1.6.11. Bank ID's have been updated. If you find a bank that hasnt been added, let me know. Darker, Version 1.6.11 has updated banking algorithms, it also drags the scroll bar then withdraw the correct item. Codes, your auth key isnt working because you don't have it in your "scripts/PFHunter" folder where it should be. Check .tribot/bin/scripts/PFHunter/key.txt and see if it is there. If it isnt then I dont know what you did with it but the problem is not with the script. The script is working fine, especially as of v1.6.11.
  2. I was still working on it. Try now. Delete everything, then download the update and see if it works.
  3. Version 1.6.10 should now include working item withdrawal
  4. Of course I can update. and cannon balls? lol probably not
  5. Version 2.1.9 Released. Lots of modifications Download version 2.1.9
  6. Yes it does pick up traps when banking. If you are using it for fastest exp I wouldn't recommend selecting the banking option
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