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  1. If your goal is to make banking more human-like i'd suggest not randomizing each time you withdraw. Humans aren't random in that way. What would make more sense to me is to generate a withdraw pattern, and use that for the duration of the script. You could go even more extreme and generate it based off the unique account (username being the simplest way afaik), so that each account has a unique preference no matter how many times you run the script. If you're using food + prayer pots for example, maybe one user's generated preference would withdraw food then prayer potions most times
  2. Real talk who's buying your gold for .6/M, hook a brother up
  3. Quest suggestion: Tourist trap. Reason: Gives gives 2 lamps 4650xp each usable in 4 skills (Agi/thiev/smith/fletch). A 10-15 minute quest can insta get you 1-27 agility, or 1-20 agi + 1-20 thieving. Pretty nice considering
  4. All that means is you got logged off from inactivity. After 5 minutes of doing nothing you log out and it gives you that message. The break handler only makes one attempt to log out, and if the script doesn't handle anything that would prevent you from logging out (combat, cut scene, mid-teleport, interfaces open, etc), it will just go on break
  5. I would up it to 384/512 per client personally and see if that helps. Can also increase client paint delay to lower CPU usage, since fletchers and hunting bots don't need 60 fps to run properly
  6. Hey, with today's update they changed bounty worlds to something new, called 'target worlds'. Those, and high risk worlds both have a dialogue that pops up when you try to world hop, which the script doesn't handle. I'd imagine PVP worlds are probably the same for the few people who might want to use those worlds (318, 319, 365, 533) + potentially PVP worlds
  7. Some feedback: If you log in and the shopkeeper is not on screen, it uses dax-walker to try to walk to the shopkeeper. There's odd shops in areas that aren't mapped out by dax-walker. Maybe if dax-walker fails it trys just walking to the npc tile directly before killing script? In my short test the NPC generally was just a few tiles off screen
  8. Small bug I noticed with traveling on Karamja: When traveling from Karamja --> Port sarim, Daxwalker can't handle the NPCchat unless you have completed pirate's treasure. If you haven't completed that quest, there's additional dialogue b/c you have to be 'searched' before traveling. Happens most often because you try to travel somewhere around port sarim/rimmington and the fastest calculated method is glory--> Karamja then take boat
  9. With that profile it will: run for 4 hours break for 30 min run for 45 minutes, break for 10 hours then keep running until script is stopped
  10. Your breaks overlap with their randomness, so one might activate before the other. You need to consider the time spent breaking when adding multiple break timers. For example. If i had 2 breaks: After 1 HR, break 12 hours. After 13 hours, break 12 hours. This would: Run for 1 hr. Break for 12 hours. Come back at 13 hours, instantly break again for 12 hours. Runtime still keeps counting up while you're on break
  11. This means DaxWalker which handles the walking for the script is at capacity. It probably uses the public key and is full on requests atm
  12. Go into settings and try disabling tribot firewall. Some premium scripts require some connections that may be getting blocked
  13. [13:18:37] Script Stack Trace: [13:18:37] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [13:18:37] obf.wb.tb(fc:207) [13:18:37] obf.ze.Eb(bg:19) [13:18:37] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(qm:202) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b.g(GeniuSWait.java:13) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b$$Lambda$2711/942494917.getAsBoolean(Unknown Source) [13:18:37] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(qk:79) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b.g(GeniuSWait.java:12) [13:18:37] scripts.api.a.A(GeniuSNPCs.java:23) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.f.fa.n.A(TalkingToAlice.java:28) [13:18:37] scr
  14. On waterfall quest, noticed it get stuck trying to click the door to enter the dungeon. The camera angle was in such a way that the tree blocked the door. It was stuck hovering over the tree trying to click the door
  15. Are you creating an instance of ABCUtil? If not, then it won't start the thread that is responsible for tracking when those actions are supposed to occur
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