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  1. yes for example i set 34 to 40 seconds wait period before hoping plus i forgot to mention profiles for different shops that user could set.
  2. Buys Items, hops worlds(randomly), stays for period of time before hopping worlds, buys and sells multiple items, banking and walking is very optional.
  3. Since Exshopper is no longer available we need good reliable shopping script.
  4. Script seems to be broken and does not click on doors to progress. older bugs were script continues speaking with quest guide npc upon hitting chat box with big question mark, pool booth infinte clicking, and mage guide infinite speaking same as quest guide.
  5. does anyone else have problem of bot randomly stoping working while switching worlds?
  6. Any idea why bot is stoping every 5 minutes?
  7. To use script properly you shouldint have slept for 4-5 days, i think its your problem that you have to sleep. Deal with it. P.S. to complain about script not working you should only after 1month. It took couple of months to fix world hopper properly, half week of issues is nothing.
  8. Yes it might not be broken for six months but it has been broken since jagex updated logout interface and added those like dislike buttons.
  9. Regular world hopper has been broken for 6 months clicks on world select instead of logout button ( non beta one or ingame world hopper as tribot calls it works fine with small bug) and even when ingame world hopping is working it still hops two worlds in row instead of buying. Should we ever expect bug fix for this problem or @erickho123 abandoned this script and its on life support ?
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