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  1. When using LG to stun-alch, the script successfully left clicks the target and alchs the item. It then clicks on the tool tab (setting) and clicks on the shift drop, pauses and then repeats the process. Unable to do the action more than once in a row. Does anyone have a fix/similar issue? -Thanks
  2. I will do that in a few hours when I get back. I looked at that section and think its something minor and simple just need to pinpoint the source. Basically what its doing, once full, is clicking off the map or clicking to go second level when its not selected nor do I have the mining level. Also usinh LG so not sure if that could be affecting it. Had similar problem with another script and all I had to do was restart my computer.
  3. I'm having a similar issue(motherload).. just bought the script yesterday..
  4. Got from 45-90 herblore just fine weith this script. Watched it the whole way. Only suggestion would be to fix the rotation when banking. There were a few times where the bot was hasving difficulties accessing the bank especially at west bank. Other than that it works great! Would recommend.
  5. @Tri Used this this script a million times for various tasks and it has worked great. However, the one thing I can't seem to be able to do is fire giants inside waterfall quest cave via safe spot. I've done Ankou safe spot prior but can't seem to get this one to work. The bot keeps running from door to door even though I have the safe spot coordinates set. Please look into this, thank you.
  6. Request: ftwChinner (updated) Description: Basically have at least the same features as ftwChinner script. (plus or minus a few - can be discussed) ATTACKS BEST SKELETON FOR BEST XP/HR Full Banking (can do without) Full GUI Selects best monkey to attack Spreads monkeys watches prayer intelligently watches poison watches health teleports when out of prayer pots and less than 10 prayer Payment Amount: 50 credits or $50 Time: ASAP Additional: Pm me or reply with skype to further discuss if interested.
  7. Everything else loads up but this. This is a picture of what I am seeing inside of Tribot's LG feature. Not sure if its the problem or not, but using OSbuddy. Things I have tried: Uninstalling Java Jdk 8x64 and then reinstalling. Deleting general.in folder and .tribot folder then redownloading. Client debug. Using osrs client app (however could not got this to work, said need 32 bit something)
  8. One more question, why on my LG tab, me screen is black and stuff like inv. and mini-map are showing?
  9. So once I got Tribot to load, I opened up looking glass client and there was a pop-up and I mean to say "Always allow" but accidentally clicked "Always Deny". Now it just doesn't load anymore, instead a blank screen. How do I fix this.. is there a default setting or something?
  10. Fixed the issue. Uninstalled all versions of java. Then downloaded java 8 again and selected to open with Java. Works fine now, I apologize for the frustration.
  11. cant find a website that looks safe enough for this program.
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